Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Election Round-up #5 - Aug 18-20

Even if you want to, don't do this.  You'll get fined.

Duffygate gets crazy.  Can we please petition the Cons to bring back Nigel Wright to the team?  This man is about the least sympathetic human in the world.

This is a pretty funny take on the whole thing.  Poor Steve.  Everybody has lied to him and taken advantage of him.

Harper's current chief of staff appears to be right in the middle of everything, even though Steve claims he isn't.  I love that the defense is "well...he didn't actually read those e-mails that he received from his boss about those things that they were urgently talking about".

The Old Duff worked pretty hard to put some PEI folksyisms into his announcement that he was paying back his expenses.

Steven Harper sez "Your thing that wasted millions of taxpayers dollars is way different than my thing that wasted millions of taxpayer dollars."  Some will say that this is only about $90,000.  But with all the labour, trials and audits that have occurred to account for that smallish sum of money, I don't feel that is accurate.

More pot announcements.  Mulcair would decriminalize.  Trudeau would look at overturning marijuana convictions.  Steve would get really angry.

A Conservative riding executive is accusing a Con MP (the same dipshit who beat a drunk driving charge) of hacking employee e-mails and a Conservative party cover-up?  Because of a joke about the MP's wife sent via e-mail.

A veterans group has put their money where their mouths are, actively campaigning against Harper.  The Tyee rounds up Veterans issues.

Conservatives are getting unruly about these pesky journalists asking questions that they don't approve of.

Shit.  I may as well quit.  This NYT piece sums everything up so I don't have to.  And an Atlantic article about the New York Times article.  I'm going to write an article about the Atlantic article about the New York Times article.  Oh boy.  This sucker is just wrong.

Steve indicates that he intends to remain "tough on crime".

Over $4 Million for a monument that nobody wants and really just seems to be a way to stick it to the memory of Trudeau Sr.

Wow.  The National Post has a pro Ruth Ellen Brosseau article.

I don't think I've seen the whole ad yet, but I caught the back end of it, and I agree that the "I am ready" Justin Trudeau ad is a pretty good response.

This is a bit strange. While true, many feel that "Son of a Holocaust survivor" maybe doesn't belong on a campaign poster.

"Administering maternity and parental leave for self-employed workers through the employment insurance system cost taxpayers double the value of the benefits actually paid out, according to a briefing book prepared for Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre."  Good thing math doesn't exist in his world.

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