Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, August 17, 2015

Election Round-up #4 - Aug 13-17

The Mike Duffy trial is descending into farce.  Nobody involved seems to think anybody did anything wrong.  Steve doesn't think any of his subordinates are at faultNigel Wright doesn't think that anything he did was wrongHe even suggests he was doing the work of god, somehow.  there's really just too much to comment on:
- E-mails show that the PMO really put some effort into trying to get the Mike Duffy Senate expense audit report changed
- Nigel Wright may have weeded out some relevant e-mails that he was obliged to turn over
- Fear that staffers might sue if they took things too far may have caused the PMO to back down somewhat
- This one is a dandy - "Stephen Harper maintains he knew nothing about the $90,000 cheque cut by his former chief of staff for Mike Duffy, but emails released Thursday show the Conservative leader was kept in the loop as his office tried to manage the Senate scandal."

I actually don't have a huge problem with the Franklin Expedition costing twice as much as the Cons told us it did.  I do have a problem with spending over $7 Million on advertising to tell us about it.  More on the North - Steve is going to enlist junior rangers to guard over it.

The truth behind Steve's pledge to allow people to take more money out of their RRSP's to buy their first house: Even with lower limits, half can't pay back what they take out.

A Conservative MP is still using House of Commons mailouts during the election campaign, which is against the rules.  He claims it's A-OK because they ordered them before the election was called.  That's some loophole.  As well, I'm not sure how to cover this one.  I mean, of course the Prime Minister has spent tens of thousands of dollars flying around the country in pre-election campaign-style events.

This is interesting.  The publish date is Tuesday...but the article reads "Conservative leader Stephen Harper took direct aim at Alberta’s NDP government in a campaign rally in Edmonton Wednesday".  I don't really understand why they keep attacking the Provincial NDP.  Not to mention the hypocrisy of berating a government for delaying a budget.  Here he attacks the Manitoba NDP governments.  I don't get it.

Steve is doubling down on Pot, making all sorts of outlandish claims.  Macleans takes apart Steve's "facts" about marijuana.

The Cons are getting down and dirty, targeting individual MP's over things said on Facebook.  As well, according to the Cons, everyone is a "Star Candidate".
Another "Star Candidate"...An article about the science and support behind Linda McQuaig's "outrageous" statements about leaving oil in the ground.

A Conservative group has come up with an amazing plan to fly people from Israel to vote for Harper.  Which I don't understand.  If they are eligible to vote, are they not able to vote overseas? 

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