Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Election Round-up #3 - August 10-12

Holy crap things are busy!  Interesting that we're talking so much about drug policy.

The National Post says what we are all thinking about Steve and his stance on pot - What the fuck are these guys talking about?  I paraphrased that a bit.

I don't usually like to link to videos, but I'm going to link to this one.  First, I like Mulcair's response to Harper on Insite.  Second, I really like the nice young lady hanging out on Mulcair's shoulder.  She pays attention.  Smirks at the right time.  He should really have her there as a sort of "emotion surrogate" at all times.

The Cons kicked a reporter out of an event when she asked party supporters about their personal stance on marijuana.

Elizabeth May is blaming Thomas Mulcair for Stephen Harper not attending a debate?  Why not.  I guess she can't blame Trudeau as he's trying to get her invited.

Was it a secret?  The Guardian says "Canadian government spent millions on secret tar sands advocacy".  Shit...money to "advance energy literacy amongst BC First Nation Communities."  That's terrible.

Stephen Harper relishes in stopping a Provincial Government from enacting a social program.  Isn't he for more Provincial rights?

The BBC weighs in on Canada taking away an expats right to vote.

Jeebez H. Crikey.  Now the F-35 might not be able to meet the performance of our CF-18's?  Why are we still thinking of buying this airplane?  Incidentally, I have no idea what the stance is on this for the Libs and the NDP.

That didn't take long.  The Cons have decided that they're not going to ban people from tweeting, taking photos or discussing their campaign events.  And of course, nothing was meant by it.  Just legal boilerplate.

I'm actually surprised the number is that high.  Canada responsible for only 3% of ISIL air strike missions.  And of course Steve responds to the Libs and the NDP in the classiest way possible on their ISIL strategy.  Liberal, NDP anti-terror strategy just ‘dropping aid on dead people’.  Because when you're responsible for 3% of something, that gives you the right to talk big.

I never really thought about how the election timing could impact students.  October could give them enough time to set up their new address, but many students will be away from home and probably not bother with the hassle.  Elections Canada has a pilot project going at a few Universities to allow students to vote in their home riding.  But doesn't this contravene the Fair Elections Act?  Sounds like get-out-the-vote promotion to me.

The opposition parties outline how they would un-muzzle scientists.

Syncrude killed another pile of birds.  30 Great Blue Herons this time.

Okay. This is more "Regular ramblings" than "Election ramblings", but here is another example of why we shouldn't hand off power to multi-national corporations in the name of "Copyright Reform".  Sony has started issuing copyright takedown notices over video containing the word "pixels", because their amazing movie just happens to be named that.  I hate to be the one to point out that, if anything, this would be trademark infringement, not copyright.  Duh.  Besides, as David Byrne explains, music streaming services are the real pirates.

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