Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, August 10, 2015

2015 Election Round-up #2 - Aug 6-10

Vacation time is over, so hopefully I can get down to a better quality of postings.  After this one.

Somebody tallied the windfall.  The Cons announced $14 Billion in spending in the six weeks leading up to the election call.  But the other parties are irresponsible tax-and-spenders.

Trudeau has caught on to this, and is blaming Steve for his lack of a balanced budget.

This is a strange, strange development.  First, they announce that you need a ticket to attend an event with our dear leader.  Then they announce that you can't talk about about what is said during said event.  This seems crazy.

They said it, not me: Harper pandering with plan to make it illegal to travel to terror-stricken zones.  Whatever.  It would be just another court case for them to lose.

Of course, we had the Macleans debate.  Which I didn't watch.  But apparently, everybody won except for Steve.  Trudeau won.  Mulcair won (although...perhaps not the most neutral source).  May won.  Shit, probably the moderator won on some level.  Oh, and if you wanted tedious behind-the-scenes details, here you go.

And fact checking!  Everybody loves a good debate fact check.

Mulcair has decided that a debate without Stephen Harper doesn't make much sense.

An NDP candidate suggested we have to leave some oil in the ground.  Which, of course, Steve isn't a fan of.

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