Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2015 Election Round-up #1 - August 3-5

So we're going to have an 11 week election campaign.  People have a hard time giving a shit for 4 weeks.  Not sure how this is going to work out.

What I find interesting is that this seems to be all about election spending, with the Cons tweaking the system so that they can spend all their money.  I can imagine we're looking at an orgy of advertisements in September.

And does this long election cost taxpayers money?  Save taxpayers money?  Nobody seems to know.

Steve has chosen to cast the new NDP government of Alberta as a "disaster" (in French).  Because a few months of the NDP working to save decades of Conservative financial ruin is the problem.  And how are the people of Alberta going to respond to being chided over their vote?

Steve is only going to speak with vetted citizens during the course of his campaign.  You have to be invited and have a ticket to any Harper campaign rally.  I actually don't find this to be surprising.\

Do you think the rest of the G7 snicker and shake their heads when Steve starts trotting out his "Best economic performance in the G7" line?

I've been noticing a funny thing over the last few months.  All of a sudden a party will announce something that nobody thought about or cared about, and people are immediately dug in to a side.  Conservatives think the long campaign is a good idea?  What the fuck?

Steve is promising billions so that people can renovate their houses.  And then turns around and says the budget is too tight for new spending.

Russia claimed the North Pole!  Shit.  Where is Steve on his icebreaker to save the day?

This Kory Teneycke sure is an asshole.  I guess when you're the designated Conservative stooge to say all the stupid shit they need to get out there, that's what happens.

Steve and Tom are not using Justin Trudeau's name.

A Macleans roundup of major election issues, if you need a primer.

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