Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, May 4, 2015

Alberta - Week 210 - April 21-May 4

Article about political trolls brings out reams of political trolls.

You know who else is worried about Canada's ability to respond to oil spills?  The US Government.  But what do those guys know?  The Tyee has a nice follow up story on how we're not going to get answers on the Vancouver oil spill.

This seems crazy...but Alberta might be finally realizing that they are getting screwed on oil royalties.  It might not be enough to dangle a few high paying jobs to gain the privilege of extracting all that oil owned by the people.  This article also points out that BC should do some soul searching on timber revenue as well.

Digging further...this article speculates that a huge mistake has been made and the Alberta government refuses to admit it.  But why else would oil revenues have gone down after the promise was made to raise them?

It seems like the Harper government is concerned about what is happening in Alberta as well.  Rona Ambrose speaks out against the "risky experiment " of voting for a party they don't agree with.  Surprisingly, Alberta businessmen don't like it either.  Man.  I don't know much about Alberta, but I know they're not fans of being told what to do.  

The Harper Government claims that the USA will freak out if we release Omar Khadr on bail.  It's actually their main argument.  The US Government suggests they'd actually be okay with it.

Hey.  It worked for George Bush.  Stephen Harper made a surprise visit to Iraq.

I think it would be a stretch to claim that income splitting was a Conservative conspiracy to put $2000 back into their own pockets every year, but it is interesting to see how many more Conservative MP's benefit compared to the opposition parties.

Beautiful.  The Conservatives "typical" family that they trot out to show how awesome their budget is has an income that puts them in the top 15% of families.  As well, since last year, their income distribution has changed dramatically, allowing them to take advantage of all of those great income splitting changes.

The Auditor General does not think the Government is doing a very good job of tracking the impact of tax credits.

This article speculates that people are reaching the breaking point with government advertisements.  It doesn't provide any proof or insight though. And more!

A Liberal ad targeting Conservative government ad spending.  Put this on the TV!

The Canadian soldiers who were victims of friendly fire by Kurdish troops have been vindicated as not responsible.

Michael Geist digs into the source of the unexpected copyright extension: lots and lots of meetings between lobbyists and the government...that we're not allowed to hear the details of.  Would be interesting to correlate this access with donations.

The Sierra Club is being investigated by Revenue Canada.

The Military is chastised for their caveman-like, institutionalized sexual harassment.

Dean Del Mastro proves, once again, that he's a guy that just doesn't get it.  Ya...he broke the law...but it didn't change anything so why is everybody so mad?

The Cons won't tell us what Mike Duffy talked to Enbridge about.

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