Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, May 25, 2015

Laurie Hawn is an Asshole - Week 213 - May 18-25

Question C-51?  Well we're going to question your loyalty to Canada.  What a fucking asshole.  Laurie Hawn gets added to my list.  Of Conservative assholes.

Joe Oliver, who had to resort to financial shenanigans to "balance the budget" this year, is already musing about more tax cuts.

The Alberta Oil Industry is asking for a carbon tax.  A retail carbon tax?  The cynic in me - which is most of me - thinks that there must be a catch.  The Federal Government solution?  Buy international carbon credits.

This guy raises an interesting point.  Fixed election dates turn our campaigns into US style, drawn out affairs.  Which sucks.

Thank goodness for all the new spying powers.  We caught 10 young people trying to fly to join ISIS!  What?  Their parents turned them in?  Oh.

What is going on with the debate debates?  This is a good roundup.  And, of course, the traditional debate will happen, with or without Harper.

Pipelines - Safe for everybody.  Now leaking into the sea in Santa Barbara.

Here, a question is raised, but not answered.  Who were the major donors to Stephen Harper's leadership campaigns?

It is a bit hard to feel sympathy for parents who can't bring their foreign nannies into Canada.  Still, why are all the applications just being quietly denied?

The West Coast gets Coast Guard base closures.  The East Coast gets new ones.

Even Conservatives think the victims of communism memorial is stupid.

This is why the new copyright rules and legislation are so stupid.  GM is suggesting you don't own your new GM vehicle due to their copyright over the computer code contained within.  Which is a bit like telling you that you don't own your own home because the alarm system is proprietary.

Reason enough to not vote for Harper.  Jeb Bush wants him re-elected.

Taking a page from the RCMP, the FBI has decided to investigate opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline as "threats to National Security".

Another withdrawal from the Kinder Morgan NEB hearings.  It's the wife of the first guy...but still.  She had some great points on the radio this morning.

$21 Million to audit the Senate and a shitstorm about to be unleashed.

We're not too worried about what Saudi Arabia is up to on the human rights front.

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