Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Doing nothing on an International scale - Week 212 - May 11-19

The Guardian has an opinion about our recently announced greenhouse gas emissions targets.  "Canada reneges on emissions targets as tar sands production takes its toll".

Oh oh.  "Extremists" are opposed to the Oil Sands.  You know they're "extremists" because they're opposed to the Oil Sands.

There is a new push from Government scientists to curb government meddling and muzzling of their affairs.  You can get a real sense of what is going on from talking to retired scientists, no longer afraid of speaking out.

Shockingly, Pierre Poilievre doesn't think he's done anything wrong by using government funds to shoot propaganda videos in the run up to the election.  The CBC digs into the overall Conservative ad scheme a bit more.

The Israel hate speech story is blowing up.  The Intercept here.  Claims that the original story was false.  And support for the original story.

Another Stephen Harper loss in the Supreme Court.  Omar Khadr should have served his sentence as a youth, not an adult offender.

The Senate is making news again.  First, former Liberal Senators won't vote for C-51.  Can they force meaningful change upon it?  We will see.  Next, Conservative Senators don't seem like they will allow the Reform Act through.  This could get interesting.  Lots of chances for people to jump up and down and complain about non elected politicians dictating policy.  Even a chance for both sides to use it against the other, if we're lucky.

A report suggests we have no real plan for what we are doing with our fight against ISIS.

And you thought Alberta oil royalties were bad...Ontario collected a little over $200 in diamond royalties last year.  The industry was probably outraged to pay even that much.  Jobs!

The RCMP may have broken the law when they destroyed gun registry records.  No worries though.  The Cons just retroactively changed the law so it was legal.

Interesting.  The Cons have decided to blow up the existing debate format and not accept the status quo.  This seems to go together with the suggestion a few months ago that they were going to pursue more debates in an effort to beat up on Trudeau.

In public, the Military claims they will act on sexual misconduct.  In practice, they are issuing orders to ignore key report recommendations they promised to follow.

The new Veterans Affairs minister thinks that medical marijuana has no place in PTSD treatment for soldiers.  "No proof" he says.  Of course, we haven't studied it, so there is "no proof" either way.

Tony Clement has gotten involved in the sick day fracas.  Says they will negotiate...but claims they won't be able to touch the $900 Million in savings.  Which seems like a difficult position for the unions.

The Cons are blocking an investigation into several NDP MP's being denied access to Parliament.

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