Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, May 11, 2015

Alberta - Week 211 - May 4-11

It is interesting to see the fear and fear-mongering for Conservative Canada in the wake of the NDP victory in Alberta (and before).  The gist of much of it seems to be "poor stupid Alberta have just ruined their lives."  This feels horribly condescending.  Especially coming from the idiots (or close buddies) that ran things into the ground in the first place.  And spare me the "you can't blame the PC for low oil prices" nonsense.

But I also kind of get it.  Anytime "somebody else" wins an election, it seems like it is time to point out that less than 50% of the people have decided who gets to govern and now we're going to have to sit through their reign of terror.  Well, 40.6% of Albertans have decided this is what they want.  We should show them some respect.  But it is a bit unfair that they get the total say in what happens.  But only 43.97% decided the election before that one and I doubt these vocal assholes had much of a problem with that.

Part of me wants to say "they haven't even done anything yet, why don't we let them do their thing?"  But if the shoe was on the other foot, I might not be so supportive.

So what I've learned is that we have a system that pretty much guarantees a majority of the people are going to pissed off with the outcome of an election.  Which is totally fucked up.  And we should probably work on changing that.  It seems to be consensus thinking that the NDP is only getting one term.  Hopefully one of the things they accomplish is electoral reform of some kind.

The Harper Government is proposing using hate laws to charge anybody advocating boycotts of Israel.  Because when it comes to Israel, there is only one opinion.

How is it possible for politicians to get caught in blatant lies and nobody gives a shit? The Cons claimed that the military had reviewed the videos containing soldiers faces and signed off on them.  That didn't happen. and then another video shows up a few days later.

Another $100 million not spent on programs by the Cons.  No biggie though.  Just money for the disabled, for literacy and for youth unemployment.

Yikes.  Gretzky is a Harper fan.  Another strike on Wayne.

A CBC article on the Cons robbing EI to fund their "balanced" budget.

The Cons call in Poilievre to trash Trudeau's tax plan.  Which is a sure sign that there's no substance to their argument.

This kid is scary!  Glad they prevented us from hearing from him for so long. I hope there won’t be this terrorism nonsense. I’m not going to get involved in suspicious activities.”  More scary words and photos of Omar Khadr.  His lawyer might be on to something.

The PMO stepped in and tried to have the Mike Duffy audit changed.  They don't seem to understand what the term "audit" means.

The Conservatives easy gun law is set to pass.  You'll remember that some firearms groups pulled out of testifying against C-51 around the time they Cons agreed to pass this.

Why do these guys struggle so much with business cards?  Another batch of Harper Government business cards don't meet requirements.

The story of a Global spiking a story about the Koch brothers, that reporter getting fired, and now the background on the story that caused it.  Refining Canadian oil has made them a lot of money.  Why can't we build our own refineries?

Britain is slowly realizing the the F-35 might not be something they should be interested in, either.  Where are we with this, anyhow?

The prison watchdog is being replaced.  He's doing too good a job.

Rail Safety improvements are great.  The long timeline for them isn't.

Funny.  The Cons have claimed $900 million in savings due to improvements in sick leave...but haven't really told us where that money comes from as they haven't proposed a new plan.

Peter Penashue's agent will be charged.  I will have to do some research into the history of MP's and hangers on getting charged with election fraud.  This has to be a record with this government.  Thank goodness we gave them the power to strip the ability of Elections Canada to hold them accountable.

Liberal MP blamed for Dementia strategy bill not passing.  What about the 140 that voted against it?

Researchers have found evidence of fracking chemicals leaking through into groundwater.  Can't wait for the companies with billions at stake to point out that the researchers are biased due to making thousands of dollars for research grants.

Christy Clark is in bed with some bad dudes on LNG.

Some more background on the recent copyright extension.  The "loss" for consumers that the industry threatened?  Cheaper public domain recordings.  Can't have that.

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