Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where'd the Money Go? - Week 104.5 - April 29 - May 2

Steady hand on the tiller Steve has a $3 Billion gap in "anti terror" funding and has taken our search and rescue infrastructure to the point of failure.  According to the Auditor General.
Tony Clement clarifies that $3.1 Billion isn't missing...there's just no explanation as to what it was spent on.  Thanks Tony!

Oh.  Beautiful.  "It was the plan all along guys!  We swear!"  Peter "Competent" McKay lays out a review of search-and-rescue improvements.  Or something.  Not at the last minute after a scathing Auditor General's report.

Even the NP thinks the AG report might be bad news for the CPC.

Not to be outdone, the Parliamentary Budget Officer has released a report suggesting that the latest Conservative budget will cost jobs and stifle growth.  Ouch.

Noble John Baird refuses to "sell out Canada's principals" in pursuit of a Security Council seat.  How noble.  Who needs those guys, anyhow?

Except when we really, really need/want them.  With their ICAO aviation office.  Then the UN is A-OK.

Jason Kenney!  Stickin' up for Canada!  Yep, now if you want to bring in out-of-country workers and pay them a lot less money, it's going to be a lot harder.  There's a new fee involved.  Hooray for Canada!  Shit, if this had been done years ago, we wouldn't have had the HD Mine disaster.  "Hey, why don't we bring in a bunch of Chinese mine workers and pay each of them tens of thousands of dollars less per year than a comparable Canadian worker?"  "Boss.  You haven't thought this through.  There's a new fee for the application!"  Boss is pissed!

A Conservative MP made up some numbers about Polar Bears.  Scientists aren't happy.  But just you wait.  He'll probably be the next Minister of the Environment.  "You showed some real ambition there son."

Elections Canada is suggesting that hundreds of thousands of people may have voted "improperly" during the last election.  Good thing we're cutting their budget.

Nice job Alberta!  First up, a $30,000 donation limit?  Hmmm...I wonder if this gives the wealthy an unfair voice with politicians?  Next...hey, no problem if you want to just cut us a massive check and then pick a bunch of people at random to assign the $30,000 amounts to.  And hey, if you get one of those people wrong, don't worry about it.  We'll just cut you a cheque for that portion and send a sternly worded letter.  Don't worry though.  You'll already have bought your influence long before the election.

Even with their heavy-handed EI enforcement rules, the Conservatives aren't doing a good job of preventing EI fraud.  $300 Million in overpayments.  $110 Million in fraud.
Attawapiskat is still in trouble.

This Salon article kind of pisses me off.  It's the same standard "bullshit" about young people expecting everything to be handed to them on a silver platter without doing any work.  How about a new interpretation of things?  How about this one.  Our parents generation grew up with low tuition, low housing prices and tonnes of jobs.  Even with all that, they've ratcheted up the debt over the last, take your pick, 10, 20, 30, 40 years.  And now we're the greedy bastards for wanting some of the same things?  Now we're "entitled" because the old people in control have decided that we finally need to cut our debt so their taxes aren't too high?  We're materialistic because they created a marketing industrial complex that convinced us we need to buy all of this shit?  But heaven forbid we take away their health care.  No.  We're the ones that are "entitled".  Not that I'm a millenial.  Or materialistic.  Or don't have a decent job.  But just fuck off with this ridiculous narrative.

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