Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dominoes - Week 107 - May 13-21

What a crazy week.  Has it only been a week?  Gosh.

First up.  Mike Duffy.  Should I remind everybody that up until very recently (last week), Mike Duffy was a Conservative star.  And they seemed to think it would be worth $90,000 to bail him out of his expense problem.  Now he's in trouble for inproper influence during the Sun News bidding process.  As well as double billing both the Conservative Party and taxpayers for partisan campaigning on Senate time.  Which has caused him to resign from the Conservative caucus.  Isn't it crazy that it seemed fine when he was just campaigning at the expense of the public, and he was forced to leave once the party figured out he had stolen their money?  Taxpayer money, no problem...but Conservative money is another story.

Imagine how shitty this is for Nigel Wright?  First up, he has to pony up $90,000 to "save the party".  Then, the guy he bails out is forced to leave the party.  And then he has to resign as well?  Even after Stephen Harper pledged his full support. Man. That's some bus.

Pamela Wallin is out, too.

Senator Bozo is going to fight his expense repayment finding as well.  May as well go out in a blaze of glory.  What do you bet we get left with his legal bill as well?

The Harper Government is going to spend over $16 Million on advertising trying to convince America that we're not a band of knuckle-dragging oil burners.  Are the Conservatives invested in some sort of advertising agency ETF that I don't know about?

Peter Penashue is sent Packing.  Of course, the Conservatives are claiming victory.  Because the Liberals didn't win by as much as they should have?  Even with vote splitting.

Remember when the Conservatives promised that the new Copyright legislation wouldn't be about prosecuting average citizens for downloading a movie here and there?  Ya.  That was bullshit.

A Boingboing follow up to our link last week on Industry dictating the course of science in Canada.

I didn't read this article but the headline is awesome: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Bolts From Meeting to Put Fridge Magnets on Cars

Another great Rob Ford Headline: Ford denies crack video

Congratulations Toronto!  Your mayor has gone from local sideshow, to national disgrace, on to international punchline.

Flaherty thinks the housing market is just fine.

You remembered wrong.  House prices weren't supposed to level off and grow more slowly.  This 3% drop in house prices is exactly what we expected.  It's a good thing.

Bob Rennie suggests that it doesn't matter if young people are too poor to buy housing.  Their rich parents will just buy it for them.  So, logically, there's no threat to housing prices and you should buy, buy, buy!

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