Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hittin' the Pipe - Week 108 - May 21-27

Oh man.  Not only was Rob Ford smoking crack...Doug Ford was dealing hash.  And their sister was in the KKK?

A Canadian court ruled that widespread fraud occurred during the last election...that somebody with access to the Conservative voter tracking system was most likely at fault...that it was definitely organized and targeted...but that it didn't have an effect on the election results...even though some of these ridings were very, very close.

Stephen Harper has described the expense scandal as a "distraction".  What does that mean?  Why does he call anything that people ask a lot of questions about a "distraction"?  "I'm sorry, but you holding me accountable is distracting me from further screwing you over."  I love it.  "Don't worry about us stealing all this money from taxpayers.  Worry about the economy.  We're really good at that."  Oh.  Wait.  Steve.  Actually, you're not.  Actually, the economy is kinda messed up.

Stephen Harper actually apologized for something.  He was pretty much forced into it, but it's a start.  And really, who isn't sorry about Mike Duffy?  Some details on just how the Senate went about whitewashing Mike Duffy's audit report...as pointed out by the Liberals.  And...the RCMP is now officially digging in to this.

Like I said before, Stephen Harper thinks the UN is a joke except for when he wants something from them.  So of course John Baird is extremely pleased to announce that we will maintain our official joke organization Civil Aviation Headquarters.

More follow up on the shift in science focus to industry by the NRC.  Somebody has put together a chronology of Conservative cuts and attacks on science.

How is this a democracy?  $56 Million has been paid to congress by supporters of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Science says bitumen will sink.  Enbridge says it won't.  I'm surprised they aren't selling this as a feature.  "Hey.  We spill it.  It just drops away to where you can't see it!"

Joe Oliver is upset that somebody might have speaken ill of one of his beloved pipelines.

This is not new news...but how the fuck is speaking Mandarin a requirement for a mining job in Canada?  The court case over the HD Mining miners sounds like a farce.

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