Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What the Hell, British Columbia?

I'm no died in the wool NDP guy.  But I was lucky with this election.  I live in Christy Clark's riding.  So it seemed doubly awesome to me:

1) I could vote in an awesome guy like David Eby.
2) I could vote out a smiling shrew like Christy Clark.

We went in early in the campaign to get a David Eby lawn sign (I've never done that before) and they talked us into volunteering (I've certainly never done that before).  I do feel pretty happy this morning that David Eby was elected and I'm kind of pumped that I was able to do a small part to help make that happen.  But how is this woman still Premiere?  I don't think I have an extremely informed opinion on this election, but I do have some observations from running around Point Grey knocking on doors.

1) It really felt different in the riding this time around.  There were not as many Christy Clark signs as during the by-election.  There were David Eby signs everywhere.
2) When talking to people, they really latched in to the Christy Clark talking points about Adrian Dix.  She did a good job of setting the tone.
3) When people asked me why they should vote for Adrian Dix, I told them that I didn't have an answer to that and the reason I was doing this was because I really believed in David Eby.  That seemed to resonate.
4) The NDP ground game seemed a bit archaic.  There was lots of bad data.  I felt like I talked to a lot of "identified supporters" who were definitely not.
5) Brent Butt is a bit of a dick.  He ended up on my identified supporter list, so we hit his house last night to make sure he had gotten out to vote.  They have a big "No solicitors, salespeople or campaigners" sign on their door (nice house, by the way).  But I figured "Identified supporter, no problems."  He was very stern when he came to the door.  Angry even.  He was very displeased when I suggested he was an NDP supporter.  Oh well.
6) We watched the riding votes roll in in real time.  Christy Clark took a very, very early lead, but then quickly lost it and David Eby didn't lose it all night.  For whatever reason, this is not the story told by the various election coverages.  I don't understand why that is.  I guess it compromised their narrative.

I'm going to be interested to see if voter turnout was higher in this riding, relative to the rest of the Province.

Update - So.  I took a quick look at voter turnout.  These numbers will probably grow slightly as absentee ballots are counted, but it doesn't look good.  I figured that in a battleground riding with lots of people excited about the candidates there would be good turnout.

Wikipedia has some good info.  Everybody came out in 2009 to vote Gordo in (55.98%).  People didn't give a shit about the by-election (38.94%).  Looking back on those two elections, there are roughly 41,000 eligible voters in the riding.  Adding up the vote totals, 21,481 votes were cast.  Meaning 52.4% of eligible voters voted in the riding.  As I said above, this will grow slightly, but what the hell, Point Grey?  We can't even beat the Provincial average in such an exciting riding?

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