Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, April 29, 2013

Why trolls and homophobes have me feeling pretty good about the world today.

So.  NBA player Jason Collins came out today.  And when you read through his story, it's difficult to feel anything but good for this guy.  I mean...how could anybody have anything bad to say about one guy admitting to the world that he's gay?

Of course, there's the Internet.  And colour me surprised!

You have people complaining about the flamboyancy of gay pride parades.  I guess he did mention ever-so-briefly an ambition to be a part of one of these events, but really?

Then, you have people suggesting that he's a vile opportunist who only came out so that he could get a larger contract?  Okay, so now it's not only a choice, it's a contract bargaining tool?  Ya.  I heard gay people have it way easier out there when searching for employment.

Of course, what conversation about homosexuality wouldn't be complete without conversations about god smiting the unnatural, unprocreativeness about the unholy gays.  Thanks guys.

I'm sure somebody out there has crafted some sort of response about how this is nothing but a plot by the left wing to turn all children homosexual through mandatory gay basketball.

Anyhow.  It's easy to read all of this shit and get really, really depressed about society.  See, on one hand, you look at this and think "Oh my god.  These people are freaking out about one gay basketball player.  What chance do we have?"

But that's what's so great.  This isn't just one basketball player.  This is a complete sea change in attitude that has created an environment where it's okay for there to be a gay basketball player.  This is a whole bunch of bigots and homophobes really, really fucking scared right now because they can't wrap their heads around this being okay.  The problem is that while much of rational society doesn't really consider this a big deal and is wondering why it has taken so long, it's still somewhat relatively acceptable to spout homophobic nonsense.  What I mean is that while there is probably a certain percentage of nonsense-spewers out there thinking "Not only is this guy a homosexual...he's a black homosexual", we've evolved to a point where all of those types know that nobody is going to accept their explicit racial drivel within a relatively mainstream conversation.  Eventually, we're going to reach a point where it's just not acceptable to openly spout your homophobic bullshit.  They'll need to skulk off to the extra special corners of the Internet for that.

So.  That's why I feel pretty good about this.  We're at a point where this is no big deal.  But we're still not at a point where it's acceptable enough that the nonsense spewers are shamed back into their basements.  It's coming.  It's close.  It's just not quite there.

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