Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, June 3, 2013

Has it been a good week? - Week 109 - May 27-June 3

Hey guys.  You're doing great!

Hey, another Conservative is full of shit.  Julian Fantino claimed he knew nothing about partisan letters posted to government websites.  Which is true. You know.  Other than his direct employees being entirely responsible for the whole thing.  But of course we know that Conservatives are in no way responsible for their direct reports that they hired.

Harper is trying to strongarm Newfoundland into dropping legislation that supports local fish processing in order to facilitate a European Free Trade agreement.  Really?  Europe cares this much that fish is being processed in Newfoundland?

Some leaked e-mails outline Mike Duffy's quest for compensation beginning quite early in his tenure.  He wanted to become a member of cabinet so that he could have taxpayer funded employees to help with his fundraising.  And Stephen Harper's insistence that he "knew nothing" is slowly getting picked apart.

The Bank of Canada has forced the removal of a Canadian parody bill/political cartoon, due to "counterfeiting".  Because somebody could print off their $90,000 Mike Duffy bill and commit a crime?  And would they have made this demand if it was a Liberal on the bill?

Edmonton now has one more person not happy to be living there. Omar Khadr.

The Conservatives decrying their "delayed justice" in getting answers on the Robocalls scandal.  The Chief Electoral Officer points out that they are the primary source of delays.  In the meantime, some fines have been handed out.

There are some questions about our new Ambassador to Jordan's management style.  Sounds like a bit of a dick.

The former head of the organization that oversees CSIS has been arrested in Panama on fraud charges in Canada.

Wow.  Christy.  I'm impressed.  BC formally rejects the Northern Gateway.  Proving that perhaps the election trail isn't the best place to make major environmental announcements.

Awww fuck.  This Slate article outlines the declines in sea ice.  And these Slate comments outline the new climate change denial.  Climate change embracement!  You stupid climate change fearmongers just can't embrace change!  How dare you infringe on my right to earn a profit and air condition my house with your petty right to not drown or starve.  And animals don't have a say in this.  They don't even shop.

Oh man.  Toronto.  What is wrong with you?  Rob Ford's crack scandal...hasn't changed his polling numbers!  I finally understand why we have Stephen Harper.

In other Rob Ford news, apparently one of the people in his crack video was killed recently.  Over the crack video!  Probably.  And as one guy in the comments points out, "sure looks fake to me!"  Okay.  So you figure the video, that nobody has seen, looks fake to you?  Fuck.  Do people have no critical thinking skills?  I mean...I'm not saying he smoked crack.  I'm just saying I'm going to hold off on judging whether or not the video is fake for now.

I got really excited when this story suggested Jean Chretien went Kitesurfing.  But it was really just wakeboarding.  Any buffoon can stand on a wakeboard.

An incredibly interesting letter written by the CIA officer who blew the whistle on the American Torture Program.  Who is now in jail for blowing the whistle on the American Torture Program...or for something like that.

Nate Silver has an interesting breakdown on NHL Stats.  He asks the question "Why has no Canadian team won the Stanley Cup in 20 years"...but doesn't really answer it.

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