Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, April 15, 2013

Off to a Roaring Start - Week 102.16 - April 8-15

Okay.  So I missed Week 102.  I apologize.  Did anything exciting happen?  There seems to be a lot that went on today.  Even ignoring the obvious in Boston.

And here it is...The Conservative attack ad on Justin Trudeau.  I don't think this is going to be all that effective.  Everybody already knows that Trudeau is young and has done some dumb things.  That's kind of half of the appeal, isn't it?

John Baird pisses off Palestine again by taking a meeting with an Israeli official in disputed territory.  They launched some protests.  Not to worry though.  He quickly apologized for his lack of tact and foresight.  What?  He didn't?  He made a joke about it and laughed it off?

Holy shit.  Read this Russell Brand "eulogy" of Margaret Thatcher.  He precisely sums up modern Conservatism: "diminishing the resources of those who had least for the advancement of those who had most."

Businesses are screaming about labour shortages, and want to bring in low cost foreign workers.  This article points out that if there were truly labour shortages, wages would go up.  And they're not.

The morons at the Financial Post mix up sales with prices.  It will probably fixed by the time you get to it, but the original headline states that "Canada's housing prices drop more than 15% from last year".  The body of the story refers to a drop in sales.

Another way the 1% screw us over.  Buying insider knowledge on yet-to-be-announced regulatory changes from politicians and bureaucrats.

Surprisingly, Albertans have less of a belief in global warming, are big on pipelines and don't think Provinces should share revenue, when you compare their opinions to the rest of Canada.  Thank God they aren't running the country.  A lot of damage could be done with an Alberta focused, archaic Conservative agenda.

A more in depth look at the flight restrictions placed over the Arkansas oil spill.  Seems to be having an effect, as we don't hear shit about this spill any longer.

So, there is a new requirement to comment at the "public" hearings on the Northern Gateway Pipeline.  You have to provide a CV and fill out a 10 page questionnaire.

More from the Tyee on Oil Sands myths.  Money on the table, double discounts, etc.  As well, a great point is made: The interests of giant oil companies aren't necessarily the interests of Canada.  This almost seems to be a weekly column for the Tyee.

The Conservatives don't like tracking weapons.  But they like charging for them.  A license fee is brought back on long guns.

Stories about really, really rich people in London and New York buying insanely expensive property, not living in it and the problems this causes.  One commenter points out that this is happening in Vancouver too, but I don't agree.  In London and New York, obscene amounts of money seem to get you a nice property.  In Vancouver it's a teardown.

An executive at HBO seems to be embracing piracy.

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