Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, April 1, 2013

100% Truth Day - Week 100 - March 25-April 1

Holy crap.  By my counts, we're 100 weeks in to this government.  How many weeks left?  As well, I realize the timing of this post.  But I can guarantee you that nothing here has been made up.

It's not clear who is paying.  But Stephen Harper's pandas are going to cost $25 Million.
You know what?  Fuck these assholes.  They pulled out of the UN group focused on drought in Africa because it was too bureacratic.  How convenient.  I'm sure the next International Conference on digging up oil or forcing unnecessary copyright laws on people is going to be a stupifying example of gettin-shit-done.  Actually...I guess they do get shit done when it's in their interest.  Just not when it's drought, starving people or the environment.  When they talk about linking aid with trade and security, I think this is what it is going to look like.  Those guys don't want to buy lumber, natural gas or tar sands oil.  Why would we give a shit about them anyhow?

Speaking of which, the CBC tries to make some sense out of Harper's Aid-and-Trade announcement.

Conservative backbenchers are pissed at the Prime Minister for his heavy handed approach.  Which, on the surface, sounds like good news.  The only problem is that many of them are pissed that he's not being enough of a lunatic.

Canada's Banks: Too Big to Fail.  Hey, this will end well.

Elections Canada came out with some recommendations so that we can avoid another robo-call scandal.  We'll see if the Conservatives do anything about it.

Suncor dumped a bunch of Oil Sands shit into a river.  No problem though.  Everything is fine.  The share price is up!

The Conservatives are coming down hard on tax cheats!  By cutting the Canada Revenue Agency budget.  That's okay, they're deputizing regular Canadians and hoping to entice snitches.

Stephen Harper wants one website for all of the government of Canada.  This sounds reasonable.  Until you start to think of the logistics of managing such an enterprise.  As well, some fear this is just an attempt to limit the flow of information from the Ministry of Truth.

Conservative Senators!  Aren't they awesome?  This one left his girlfriend on his payroll for six months after the ethics officer told him to take her off.  I guess it would be pretty tough to fire your girlfriend.  Girlfriend?  Mistress?

Don't worry though.  Steve-O makes some more progress towards Senate reform.  Wait?  He just appointed another Senator?  What the...

Hey.  Surprise.  Another (former) Conservative MP did something underhanded.  Jay Hill contravened the Conflict of Interest Act.  I'm sure he'll be a Senator soon.

A Tyee article on the insanity of providing Corporations with the ability to sue the Government via free trade agreements.  No matter what we, the citizens, decide is best for Canada can get thrown out in a lawsuit for infringing on a companies right to make a profit.  They also take an in depth look at the Conservatives signing deals without any sort of debate or discussion.

Idle-No-More, you say?  Well, how about we rip open your finances then?

A Conservative Minister suggested that a New Brunswick teen will "make a good wife someday".  And doesn't understand what he did wrong.  The girl in question, seems to feel it is much ado about nothing.

Darryl Sutter is going to personally get the Keystone pipeline approved when the LA Kings visit the White House.  See.  This is how you do things, Tim Thomas.

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