Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Terror, Terror, Everywhere - Week 103.5 - April 22-24

Why are the Conservatives totally incapable of military procurement?  This Tyee article gets fairly technical in pointing out all of the reasons why designing and building our own icebreaking patrol boats is a terrible idea.  Hint: They're slow, they're expensive, they're unstable, they try to do too much and end up doing nothing well.  On and on it goes.

Speaking of Peter McKay being an idiot.  Surprisingly, here he is blaming somebody else for a decision made within his portfolio on danger pay.  Isn't he in charge?

I know that this isn't just a Conservative thing.  But I'm sick and tired of governments using the Bureaucracy as their personal publicists.  Why should we pay a lot of money for the Conservatives to have splashy events announcing the end of the long gun registry?  And then they cancel it?  This is stupid and a waste of money.  And Vic Toews is an idiot.

Oh dear.  Andrew Scheer says that backbench MP's can speak in Parliament, even if Steve-O doesn't want them to.

Timing and buzzwords.  An "Al Qaeda" linked "terror plot" has been foiled by the RCMP.  Surprisingly, after having them under surveillance for more than a year, the arrests are announced as the Federal Government tries to push through tougher "anti terror" legislation.  Not that catching people planning to do things is a bad thing.  I'm just going to be a bit skeptical about the timing of this arrest until I hear a few more details.  Oh wait.  Now it's "Al Qaeda inspired"...no... "supported by Al Qaeda".

And...here comes the publication ban on the terrorism case.  I'm sure we'll get straight to the bottom of everything now.  "We can't tell you why, but we can assure you that there are some really good reasons as to why we're eroding your rights and expanding our police state."

A nice summary of all thwarted terrorist attacks in the US since 9/11.  Note the ranking system.  A "3" is "An Islamist extremist plot to commit violence in the United States that was essentially created or facilitated in a major way by the authorities and then rolled up by arrest when enough evidence is accumulated."  Of 52 plots, 26 (exactly half) are categorized as a "3".

No biggie.  Just 3,000 federal government data breaches affecting 725,000 Canadians in the last 10 years.

Wait.  Somebody commenting on one of the pipeline stories told me that the Gulf Oil Spill was no big deal and cleaned up long ago?  This story about lingering problems can't possibly be true?

The National Post quickly completed an in depth analysis of the most important part of Justin Trudeau's new ad:  The math on the blackboard in the background, of course.

I like science.  I like numbers.  I like Eric Grenier and 308.  Here is a great article breaking down polling data since the 70's, focussed on leadership bumps.

So the Americans are proposing charging Canadians (and Mexicans) a fee every time they cross the border.  And there is outrage, of course.  Which I find really funny, for one reason.  There is absolutely no discussion anywhere on what that fee might be.  Is it a dollar?  Forty?  Who knows.  But it doesn't matter.  Outrage!  I mean, it's in the constitution that Canadians (and Mexicans) can cross the border into the US for free, isn't it?  I'd happily pay a dollar or two at the border if it cut down on wait times.

This is a pretty funny article with some quotes from Laureen Harper.  She sounds like a nice lady.  (this is not sarcasm.  I genuinely feel like she sounds like a nice lady)

I know.  This is Provincial Politics.  But what a fantastic article from the NP about how everything Christy Clark says is total bullshit.  But oh, the comments.  Don't read the comments.  You'll just depress yourself.

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