Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, January 30, 2012

Harper's Retirement Plans - Week 39 - Jan 23-30

I'm not even joking.  I saw "Harper's RetirementAgenda..." and I got really excited.  Unfortunately, they're just talking about his upcoming attempts to kill Pensions/Old Age Security.  It's funny that my generation has kind of grown up with the phrase "...but that won't be around when you retire anyhow."

Canada is actually catching on that the War on Crime is a bit of a joke.  What's going to happen now with public opinion changing?

This is why the Conservatives have it wrong on campaign financing.  Look at what has happened in the US over SOPA.  Essentially, Chris Dodd, ex-Senator and current head of the MPAA, has suggested that he will withdraw political support and dollars from Obama as he didn't support SOPA/PIPA.  It seems reasonable that you support politicians that hold values in which you believe in.  It seems reasonable that you stop supporting them if all of a sudden your values no longer line up.  It seems unreasonable that you pay them huge sums of money to get legislation that favours you and then threaten to withdraw future funding if you don't get your way.  That sounds like...gosh...a bribe?  In fact, somebody has launched a petition to have him investigated.

 Oh.  Tony Clement!  He tweets "As usual NDP confusing recommending with choosing."  (Which isn't really even a coherent sentence) Stupid NDP and their inability to grasp semenatics!  I didn't choose to sleep with that prosititute.  I simply gave her some money and recommended that she sit on my lap.  Naked.

Steve-O talks about something that I actually agree with, a revamp of the SRED program.  My experience with it is that companies go about their business and hire somebody to write things up in a way that allows for them to claim money from the Government.  I was shocked by the things we were able to claim for implementing technology invented by somebody else.

Richard Branson announces that he believes the "International War on Drugs" is kind of silly and should be stopped.  Which is a pretty ballsy proclamation.

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