Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Year - Week 36 - Jan 3-9

I'm starting something new this week.  An awesome Conservative Government photo for each week.  Here, our buddy Steve waves at us.

FEMA Canada announces that the 3rd Party Manager appointed to the Attawapiskat Reserve (at huge expense) might miss payroll.  Way to handle a crisis, Steve.

Steve warns us that "foreign environmental interests" could delay approval of the Northern Gateway Pipeline.  Ummm...Ahhhh....what about all the foreign oil money?  And, these "radical groups" are so scary, he's going to change the environmental review process, because the current process takes too long.  This seems to be a theme developing here...too many people asking questions, shorten the period for discussion.  Surprisingly, people aren't happy about it.

Great story about the decline of public institutions in the US. There's just so much in this article.  What really stood out for me is how wealthy some of these American politicians are.  Romney is worth $200 mil?  That's crazy.  These guys are getting paid millions and millions of dollars by corporations to convince the average American that spending government money on things that will help them is a bad thing.  I think the key problem is that the average American thinks they're just a lucky break or two away from the 1%.  Are any Canadian politicians super wealthy?  Paul Martin had a few bucks.  Belinda Stronach had money (and strange taste in men).  But I can't really think of any in the same league as the Americans.

More on income inequality, with the richest 100 CEO's of publicly traded companies making $8.38 Million per year.  I'm okay with that, actually.  I'm got more of a problem with the average wage of $44,366.  It is shocking that the CEO's will have earned that $44,366 by noon on Jan. 3rd.  But does that include the stat holiday?

Copyright reform gets even worse.  Canada seems to be quietly considering extending copyright terms from lifetime + 50 years to lifetime + 70 years.  You really can't argue that it will help artists make a living by tacking on an extra 20 years in earnings after they have been dead for 50 years.

Friday afternoon.  Time for some Senate Appointments!  Hey, gotta reward those police chiefs that agreed to your crazy tough-on-crime legislation somehow.

What is the Office of Religious Freedom and why does it fall in with Foreign Affairs?

I realize that this is a completely useless poll.  And it's kind of a stab in the gut, seeing that this majority government was really a perfect storm of bad things.  Anyhow, if an election were held today (with no debates, advertisements or dirty tricks), there would be no majority.

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