Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, January 16, 2012

Radically Incorrect - Week 37 - Jan 9-16

I like this photo.  Two of my favourite people, sharing a moment.  Steve-O looks like he's made out of plasticene.  Is that even a real photo?  The National Post is using the same photo as well...with the same story.

Turns out the West is starting to get angry about the Conservatives plan for health care financing as well.  Christy Clark detaches her lips and speaks out against Steve-O.

This week gay marriage did what Conservatives have said gay marriage will do: confused everybody and wreaked havoc with the justice system.  First there was an uproar that people weren't actually married (or something) and then it was all fine and the fault of the Liberals.  Neat tactic.  Say something that pisses everybody off and then blame it all on your enemy.

Stupid "radicals", concerned about boats filled with oil driving around a stormy, rocky coastline of pristine wilderness.  I heard some of them are foreign as well.

An ex-Bloc MP has decided to sue the government for pulling out of Kyoto...and proves what Gilles Duceppe never could - that the Bloc Quebecois isn't completely useless.

I know it's early, but as Lise St-Denis breaks ranks with the NDP and joins the Liberals, I think this could be a candidate for political quote of the year"They voted for Jack Layton.  Jack Layton is dead."  Indeed.

I think the Globe and Mail recently wrote a similar article, but I like the Puck Daddy take on the posturing of Stephen Harper as a hockey lover in order to create a populist persona and score votes.

I know that this is an amazing concept for reporters to grasp, but tax cuts generally have a cost.  Namely, reduced government revenue.  Surprisingly, this is what has come to pass with some recent Conservative tax breaks.

I thought Real Estate was supposed to be smooth sailing.  Forever.  A bubble?

Here they come!  Backbench Conservative MP is talking about his "duty" to the unborn.

I think there must be some research somewhere suggesting that election night blackouts are actually hurting the Conservatives because they've decided to do away with the process.  Perhaps they figure they can get rid of those pesky 1 or 2 Alberta Liberal seats if they can show everybody in Alberta that they've already won? 

Blah blah...Liberal vs. Conservative donation gap...blah.

Irwin Cotler!  Still working and now writing stuff for the Huffington Post!  What, I'm not sure.  I didn't read it.

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