Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, February 6, 2012

Online Arguments - Week 40 - Jan 30-Feb 6

John Baird gets the photo this week.  Way to go, man!

I'm sure everybody heard about this, but Jason Kenney's office decided to send some staff members to pose as recent immigrants when they couldn't find enough real immigrants to go along with their Sun News photo op/story.  The surprising thing?  They actually apologized.  I dig their disguises as well, with three of them wearing the same T-shirt.

Sticking with the Ministers doing weird and stupid things theme, last week I think it was, somebody at the Globe and Mail wrote an article that our good buddy John Baird didn't like.  I would imagine this probably happens quite frequently.  And I can only think that it's good government policy to not respond to every story that angers you.  But our good buddy John Baird decided to write a column in response.  Which seems kind of crazy.  If the guy is as out to lunch as John Baird claims, then why respond?  It seems crazy.  Like if Obama suddenly decided to cave in and provide everybody with even more proof of his birth certificate.  You're just feeding the lunacy.  What?  He did?  Oh, and then John Baird invokes Godwin's Law and brings Hitler in to the argument.

Nunavut has decided that Tough On Crime is kind of a dumb thing that will cost a lot of money.  When a place that experiences 24-hour darkness and that uses frozen rivers as major highways thinks that something is a bad idea, you should probably listen.

Stupid experts.  What do these "economists" know about the economy anyhow?  Now is the perfect time to cut funding to everything and anything.  There's no election to win.

After that, Boingboing points to an article that shows that the entertainment industry has experienced some pretty okay years recently.  Even growing while the rest of the economy was in recession.  Could constantly asking for more and more and more finally prove to be a poor strategy as even the mouth breather catch on to the fact that some of this stuff is crazy?  Wait, now, these same companies are pushing for SOPA style additions to Canada's copyright legislation...because it worked out so well in the US.

More Copyright.  Tom the Dancing Bug uses God Man to take on Copyright.  Pretty good stuff.

The F-35 has a few more problems.  It doesn't sound like anything serious, but it's feeling a bit Unsafe at Any Speed.

Stephen Harper has shown his hand for how he plans on dealing with the Senate.  Appoint idiots until everybody agrees that the Senate is a bad idea.  This guy suggests that we encourage convicted murderers to hang themselves.  Not surprisingly, a shocking number of people agree with him.  Which, of course, justifies the point of view.  Everybody knows that a 600 person mob legitimizes any behaviour.

And finally...How dare you point out the fact that we're threatening to do something that people won't like.  This is all your fault, Liberals and NDP.  Not ours for threatening to change pensions.

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