Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Boredom, early this year - Week 219 - June 29 - July 6

The timing of the revelation that the Cons offered Tom Mulcair a job is interesting.  And weird.  Seeing as this story has been raised several times over the years.  And now, even the Cons are supporting what Mulcair has to say.

Christy Clark's team sent out a self-congratulatory e-mail after the referendum loss, celebrating their ability to keep a campaign promise.  Avoiding the topic of their chicken shit downloading of tough decisions to the citizens.  Who surprisingly don't vote for tax increases.

Almost every Manitoba Con MP broke the rules by sending out partisan mailouts to constituents not in their riding.  Sad that it would have been okay if they were in their riding.

CSIS and Border Services cooked up an information sharing deal, all on their own.  Should we admire the ambition and initiative, or be kind of scared?

The Cons claim front line services have not been affected by cuts in Veterans Services.  Apparently, even the minister know that is bullshit.

The RCMP have added a show of force to certain performances of the musical ride.  Horses, funny outfits and swat takedowns.  They claim they've been doing it for years, but who knows.

The American lawsuit against Omar Khadr for wrongful death was successful.  Uncontested.  But successful.

More dismal news for the F-35.  It sucks really, really badly in dogfights.  Not its key role, for sure.  But still...trounced by the plane it is replacing?  Yikes.  Note, I found a detailed blog about why this doesn't matter, but it was so fucking boring I couldn't link to it.

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