Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Poilievre as Performance Art - Week 221 - July 13-22

I have a new theory.  Pierre Poilievre is punking all of us.  It's performance art.  I mean...it can't be real.  Can it?

The National Post points out that he's waltzing around the country handing out cheques, while his website suggests Canada is not about "freebies".  Which is an excellent time to bring up the question - what is this child subsidy increase other than wealth redistribution?  Why are they so happy and bragging about something that they claim to actively despise?  How is taking taxpayer money from everybody and giving it to a select group of people good this time around, but awful every other time?

Not only that, but he showed up at a press conference wearing a Conservative logoed Golf shirt.  In what world is that "non partisan"?  Not to mention the hours of government time and resources we've pumped into this insane display by the Cons.

This article has an interesting take on things.  But...I mean...of course the benefits are largely going to the people that voted in the Conservatives in the ridings that voted for them.  That's the whole point.

Interest rates are dropping (even some Real Estate orgs think this is a bad idea).  The dollar is in the tank.  And our surplus has turned into a deficit?  Steady hand!  Steady hand!

Wai Young deserves to not be in a position of authority.  Re-writing the history of the Air India bombing is an insult to any family member of the victims.  Claiming that Jesus would support your Big Brother bill is just funny.  Lucky for us, her poll numbers are on the ropes.

Rona Ambrose is pumping more money into Reefer Madness ads.  Another $1.5 Million.  Let them eat advertisements!

I thought and East pipeline was Mulcair's fucking idea?  Now he's against it (maybe)?  Trudeau decides to sit on the fence for a bit as well.  Which is probably a good thing, seeing as there's a massive pipeline spill in Alberta right now.  But I thought these things were supposed to be safe?

Some companies have admitted to making illegal donations to Peter Penashue.  Of course, they'll receive no punishment.

Macleans digs into Insite and determines that it really is saving lives.  Psssh.  Science.

Ha ha ha ha.  Women don't get higher paying jobs?  Well, they're just choosing the wrong jobs!  They just all need to stopy being such low paid teachers, social workers, etc. and need to step up to become Engineers and CEO's.  Thanks for the advice, Conservative MP Joan Crockatt.

Joyce Murray will probably come out okay from her "Sobriety" gaffe.  Maybe all it takes is admitting some kind of responsibility and telling the truth about what happened?

Facebook did an analysis and concluded that Conservatives are terrible people.  Christian Rock?  Two and a Half Men?  Fast and the Furious?  Egads.

Speaking of ha ha ha ha.  A Conservative MP sent out a press release in draft form, highlighting how it's all just paint by numbers.  I mean, of course it is.  But funny.

The NDP released a new series of attack ads, highlighting law breaking Conservative politicians.  It's generated an interesting discussion.  What is an attack?  Is it still an attack if it is true?  What is a personal attack?  The National Post story isn't very even-handed in their analysis.

I feel like this has come up quite a few times.  The Cons have gerrymandered easy ridings and the incumbents are scrambling to get the nomination in what they view will be easier battles.  But they keep losing!

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