Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, July 13, 2015

We'll show you - Week 220 - July 6-13

The military went out of their way to write to the parents of a soldier who committed suicide to let them know that he didn't deserve the medals he was awarded.  They're going to let them keep the medals though.  They've only taken away all the meaning behind them.  And no, it didn't have anything to do with the family embarrassing the military by loudly asking for things which they were owed.

Steve is getting the spin out on this "downturn".  Global trends!  Not even a steady hand on the tiller could fix this mess!  Until the election, of course.  I mean...somehow, we're the only G7 nation in recession...  Remember whe Joe Oliver claimed we'd only have one bad quarter.  Now he's claiming all will be well by years end.  Don't rock the boat!

Fine by me.  US threatens to keep Canada out of the TPP.

Another cluster with military procurement.  A radar procurement is abruptly cancelled.

Gatecrashers in the Canadian embassy during the Ukraine uprising?  A tale of two headlines:
CBC - Canadian embassy used as safe haven during Ukraine uprising, investigation finds
National Newswatch - Canada’s embassy in Ukraine used as pawn in 2014 uprising

I understand this argument - If we start charging for water, we open the door under NAFTA for all kinds of bullshit.  Still.  There has to be some way to structure this deal so that we get more than a few hundred dollars per year out of massive water users.  I mean...we'll lose all our water if we start charging for it so better give it away for free?

Christy inserted a nice poison pill into the Petronas LNG contract.  Compensation to Petronas if royalties or specific taxes go up in the next 25 years!  Holy fuck!  What a deal!  For Petronas.

Pierre Poilievre has somehow started to argue that Stephen Harper will prevent us from becoming Greece?  You may have to translate the link.  He also claims that the increased child tax benefit is going to be a huge boost to the economy.  What a wizard.

The Senate Security and Defence Committee wants to ban 'ideological radicals' from Canada.  Love to see who they think should create the list.

An interesting article on how Seattle is being ruined by the tech boom.  Vancouver is mentioned in the boingboing link.  Interesting that we have no corresponding boom to go along with the ruination of our City.  I also like this thought:
if a government presided over a doubling in the price of food, it would be viewed as monstrous. If it doubles the price of housing, it it lionized for “increasing property values.”
The new refugee health care programs are so convoluted, nobody is getting treatment.  And I'm pretty sure increased bureaucracy does nothing to drive down costs.
Over 2 days in June, the Cons made 70 appointments.  Not sure how this usually works. 

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