Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, June 29, 2015

Propaganda - Week 218 - June 22-29

Justin Trudeau continues not providing clear policy goals.  End the Isis combat mission.  Restore diplomatic relations with Iran.  What is he trying to say?  Of course, the Conservatives have plunged to new depths in their response.  Out of context quotes...blatantly mis-stating the truth...using ISIS imagery.  Some speculate this might contravene their own Bill C-51.  Another speculates that the use of images of POW's contravenes the Geneva Conventions.  It's "better than news" though.  Somehow.  Truthiness, I guess.  As well, government ministers have taken to issuing partisan attacks on the subject using public resources.  And Steve has decided that re-instituting diplomatic relations means "becoming best friends with Iran".

No shit.  "Canadian Muslim leaders wary of Stephen Harper’s Ramadan meal motives"

Tim Uppal is angry about getting called out for calling out Muslim women.

Since 9/11, more people have died at the hand of non-muslim extremists than at the hands of muslim extremists in the US.

Dean Del Mastro.  Sentenced to one month in jail.  I wonder how a "tough on crime" MP fairs in prison?

We've talked about cuts to sex offender rehabilitation programs before.  Maybe we're just framing it wrong?  Conservative cuts cause child molesters to re-offend at a 75% higher rate (the Walrus suggests even higher).  Maybe phrasing it like that will change the conversation?

The Cons shovelled a lot more money into their own ridings from an infrastructure fund, than went into opposition ridings.  On average, each Conservative riding received 48% more.

Our good buddy Steve used to speak publically about how gay marriage was "vile and disgusting".  Guess he didn't rainbowize his Facebook avatar.

Even the National Post seems to be realizing that the loss of the mandatory long form census is a horrible thing.

Details on the law against Safe Injection sites.

The Cons are banning their own followers from chastising them on social media over C-51.

Leaked documents show that we really sucked up to Saudi Arabia in pursuit of that big arms deal.

Jason Kenney blames the military for not allowing opposition MP's onto military bases.  Documents point out that the minister is the one with the final say.

HarperPAC only lasted four days.  Lots of articles on the sad state of affairs that these PAC's hint at.

Every country seems to be clueing in that the TPP is a bad deal for regular citizens.  This one has an Australian bent.

A report finds that the PMO is deleting e-mails that should be kept.

Apparently, many more seniors are going bankrupt these days.

An interesting behind-the-scenes of a Stephen Harper photo op.

Like I said last week - the long gun registry data case is heating up.  A court orders the RCMP to turn over data.

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