Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, January 26, 2015

Myths - Week 195 - Jan 19-26

Can we kill this myth that Conservative governments are good financial managers?  They didn't do well in the US.  They haven't done well in Alberta.  And all of Canada isn't looking so rosy.  Cutting taxes to the detriment of society and the economy is not "sound financial management".

We'll expand on that by looking at oil revenue.  You know who isn't having a bad time due to a decrease in oil revenue?  Norway.  Probably largely due to them taking 10 times what we do in royalties from their oil.

And what about Tom Mulcair?  Is this not exactly what he warned us about two years ago?  They made fucking attack ads about this!  Why isn't he singing this from the rooftops?

Joe Oliver is now lecturing us on the semantics of his statements, and lessons on the passing of time.  “We said no earlier than April so by definition it could be later.”  Can you believe this asshole is our Minister of Finance?  And you're doing a bang-up job, Joe.

He also suggested that the budget won't include "massive, costly bureaucratic programs".  Does he mean other than income splitting?

The attack on Trudeau for "the budget will balance itself" seems to have gained traction.  I can't find the full interview...but the full sentence seems to be "the commitment needs to be a commitment to grow the economy and the budget will balance itself".  So he seems to be saying that if we have a great economy, we won't need to worry about balancing the budget because we'll have enough revenue to fund the programs that we enact.  Seems unfair to not give it full context.

Veterans are pointing out how fucking stupid Stephen Harper's definition of combat is.

OXFAM suggests that the 1% will soon control half of all the worlds wealth.

Vice details how the RCMP continued to warrantlessly spy on Canadians, even after the Supreme Court deemed it unconstitutional.

Once again, our government is inferring that criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic.

John Baird feels like a potential investigation of war crime accusations is a "huge mistake"?  Oh.  I get it.  Only certain people are allowed to talk about potential war crimes.  And why isn't he going to an important meeting about Syria?

A detailed analysis of what Pot Prohibition costs Canada.

Canada Revenue has targeted another charity with beliefs that counter what Conservatives believe: Dying with Dignity.  They've lost their charitable tax status.  CRA is basing this on mistakenly giving it to them in the first place in 1982.

When even the wing-nut right wingers don't want you, you know you've made some poor choices in life.  The Wild Rose Party doesn't want Rob Anders as their leader.  At least that was a good decision.

We're no longer going to pay refugees to leave Canada.  Don't worry though.  We're going to make up for it by not following the Supreme Court decision that we need to offer them health care.

Kinder Morgan has an awesome, great, really fantastic emergency plan for their pipeline.  They just don't have to share it with anybody.

Some history on Saudi Arabia, and how Canadian LAV's could be used to crush dissent.

There's a couple of stories about Target management payouts.  The CEO of Target - who you could conceivably blame for billions in losses and 17,000 people to become unemployed - got a $60 Million dollar payout to go away last year.  People are just now realizing how ridiculous that is.  And managers within Target Canada are getting huge payouts relative to the pittance the working stiffs will receive.

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