Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, February 2, 2015

All ISIS, all the time - Week 196 - Jan 26-Feb 2

The Cons seem pretty adamant that they won't tell Canadians how much the non-combat mission to kill Iraqi evildoers is costing.  Because ISIS can get key Canadian strategy from a single number provided by the government to the people of Canada.  That would be more helpful to them then telling them exactly how many soldiers we sent and crowing about the things they've accomplished.

Teens!  Armed Robbery!  Terrorism!  This is why we should be afraid of all these "you can't be a terrorist" laws.  Seriously?  A 15 year old kid is going to rob a store and fly oversees to fight for ISIS?  And he should be punished extra because of it?  Sorry.  This is armed robbery, not terrorism.  Thankfully, we don't seem to really have a choice.  The Libs have decided to join the Cons (maybe) and are supporting the legislation (I think).  And it sounds like some of what is contained in the new "ANTI-TERROR!!!" bill sound like Steve wants our spy agencies to be like a meddling parent.  Cancel plane reservations?  Block financial transactions?  Okay.  I'm fine with that.  But criminalizing language is all kinds of fucked up and extra-criminalizing people for an arbitrary "TERRORISM" target is unnerving.  They know it when they see it, I guess.

The PBO suggests we're heading for a "small" deficit.  Who to believe...him or Joe Oliver?  Income splitting has raised it's head again.  One report says families with incomes higher than $233,000 per year are going to receive the largest benefit.  Thank god the little guy is finally getting a break!  And it's easy to say the "middle class" receives the largest benefit when you arbitrarily pick a large income that qualifies you as middle class.  Joe Oliver thinks $120,000 is that number.

Hooray!  We're letting rich people cut to the front of the immigration line again.

This war on crime is fucking amazing!  Crime is the lowest it has been since 1969!  All thanks to the Cons and their awesome policies!  Woo hoo!  So...mandatory life in prison.  Many people have pointed out that there are already mechanisms in place to achieve this end - but that's never stopped the Cons from introducing laws to make already illegal things super illegal.  This time they're proposing life in prison with no chance of parole.

The government spent $650,000 in court (so far) trying to not pay seven Veterans injury benefits.

Anti-Marijuana ads cost $7 Million.  Which is quite a lot considering they only really came about when the Liberals started supporting marijuana legalization.

The damage to our information gathering capacity due to the loss of the mandatory long form census has become more apparent.  As well, the government continues to put out bad job data.  The actual 2014 numbers have been revised down 35%.

Tax revenues are actually up under the "tax-slashing" Conservatives.  That's a pretty neat trick they've pulled off.

Fucking idiots.  "Expert says spy agencies 'drowning in data' and unable to follow leads".  By "fucking idiots" I mean the "fucking experts", not the professionals within our National spy apparatus. (Hi there!).  I mean, who doesn't think monitoring every download on the planet isn't a sound strategy?

Some detail on how Health Canada doesn't seem to hold anybody accountable for not following their drug advertising requirements.

Transport Canada is thinking about letting small boats dump their untreated shit closer to shore.  This is a stupidly terrible idea.

Missed this from a few weeks ago.  James Moore is threatening exploding trains all over the place if we don't choose the correct false choice that he presents to us
"Yep.  You can either  have this clean, safe, responsible pipeline...or trains that explode all over the place.  The choice is up to you."
"Oh boy.  I don't want trains exploding all over the place.  What was that other choice again?"

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is wondering why they're putting this bleak bullshit on her doorstep.  Another reason to question the silly "Victim's of Communism Memorial".

The Fraser Institute looks at public sector wages and benefits and decides that we should all strive for the lowest common denominator.  Thank goodness they're still considered a charity.

Somebody took the time to lay out Thomas Mulcair's various election promises to date.

Elizabeth May points out that the Libs and NDP are probably too delusional to team up and take on the Cons.

With assholes like this running the US, we don't stand a chance.  "The hoax is that there are some people who are so arrogant to think that they are so powerful, they can change climate. Man can't change climate."  Don't worry though, the Koch brothers are going to make sure they have their way with the next election.

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