Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, January 19, 2015

On to something - Week 194 - Jan 12-19

I'm diggin' these Palestinians!  Throwing shoes and eggs at John Baird sounds like a lot of fun!  At least he accomplished something there, unlike in Eqypt.

I hope that Thomas Mulcair is sitting somewhere...in a cave maybe...polishing up his "I told you so!" speech.  While Stephen Harper works to convince us that he's the only man that can get us out of this mess that he createdThe Germans also point out that we're kind of fucked.  I don't even know what the fuck Joe Oliver is talking about any longer.  He's "on track to achieve a balanced budget".  Yet the budget is delayed because they don't have enough information.

I love this.  The MP with the worst voting record admits that there isn't really much point in her being in the House of Commons.

This would have been an awesome hoax if the news organizations hadn't beat us to it.  Jihadists are making oil money up north before shipping off to the middle east.  Well.  Before they get laid off, that is.

The driving terrorist, who ran over a Canadian soldier in the fall, was known to police.  They even tried to lock him up.  More intrusive surveillance will not help.  More resources might have.  I'm not certain the ability to lock people up for thought crime is the answer.

The new copyright laws have resulted in companies lying to Canadians, threatening to sue them for vast sums of money.

All the scientists are trying to get rich again.  Here they are, making things up about it being the warmest year on earth.  Again.  I distinctly remember a couple of cold days last year...

A story on they myth of defensive gun use statistics degenerates into an argument in the comments about what the term "regulated" means...There's just no satisfying these gun toting yahoos...who all have multiple instances of saving the day with their guns.

I find it really, really weird that we let people with jobs jump the immigration queue.

A Stephen Harper insider...and creator of the "Ethical Oil" campaign...is spearheading the "no to public transit" referendum in BC.

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