Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 might be the year of the political criminal - Week 192 & 193 - Dec 30 - Jan 12

Holy shit.  The CBC lists all the political trials (and other legal court things) on the schedule for this year.  Insane.

This seems to be a theme.  Terror attack.  News comes out that the authorities were aware of the perpetrators.  Yet we still use the attack to justify more intrusive surveillance.  So we can be doubly aware of future attacks?

Canada is preventing a NAFTA watchdog from investigating oil sands tailing ponds.

An interesting interview with Jason Kenney in Vice.  When asked why no young people vote Conservative, he points out that young oil patch workers who make a lot of money actually do.  Which is a ringing endorsement for his party.  Probably reason enough not to vote for them, right there.  As well, nice breakdown of Stephen Harper's year end interview.

What the fuck is going on at the CBC?  Rex Murphy has devolved into a crazy, lunatic, corporate sponsored mouthpiece.  And Amanda Lang worked really hard to spike stories on behalf of her best buds at RBC.

Fantino out.  Some other loser in.  An article detailing the Cons terrible policies related to our military.  And they've actually started directly accusing soldiers of faking injuries.

A detailed article on the Conservative obsession with memorials, and their attempts to construct giant ones all over Parliament Hill.

Why is Canada so far down the list when it comes to children's health?  We've also dropped out of the top 10 for "most developed countries".

Kevin Vickers will be named ambassador to Ireland.

I find it odd when an article contains a statement such as "the energy-intensive oil sands sector accounts for less than half a per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions", suggesting that this is a trivial amount.

Not only do our refugee policies suck, when they finally make it here, we make all kinds of mistakes processing their paperwork.

I feel like the Tyee has given us a few articles with a similar vibe already, but it deserves repeating.  Kinder Morgan and their Trans Mountain pipeline really don't provide much in the way of economic support to Canada.  It's mostly drained off into the States.

HD Mining strikes again?  I feel like the Globe is late to the party in detailing how this BC mine will be staffed by foreign workers.

Speaking of late to the party.  The Globe asks where the $3.1 Billion went.  Probably a fair question.

There are many riding changes in the upcoming Federal Election, and nobody really knows what to make of it.

The joint strike fighter won't be able to fire its guns before 2019.  We need to run away from this project.

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