Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, July 28, 2014

Honest and Fair - Week 169 - July 21-28

Here at the 24 Percent Majority, we try to keep a level head.  I mean, we hate Conservatives.  But it's not just because they're "Conservative".  It's because they're jerks with terrible ideas.

But I...sorry...we hate it when people get sucked into the narrative.  Take the "Fair Elections Act" for example.  All of a sudden, Conservatives everywhere were talking about voter ID with furious passion.  Two weeks before, nothing.  But all of a sudden, it was the hugest issue in the world and thank goodness Steve was man enough to tackle it.  It was crazy.

The flip side to that would be hating things that you never hated for no reason.  I'm going to try not to do that.

And somewhat related...it's easy to get sidetracked and think something along the lines of "THAT is what these guys think is importan?  What a waste of time?  Why don't they focus on serious issues?"  So to start the week, we have two examples:

- The CRA focusing resources on auditing charities over political participation (mostly Conservative critical charities)..as well as outlawing poverty prevention as a charitable act
- Drafting a bill to make it easier for gun owners to purchase and transport weapons

To both of these things, I say "Really?  THAT's what you think is important?"  Well.  I understand why silencing your critics with heavy-handed audits might be worth your time.

Speaking of charities.  A government memo talked about how effective a non profit was.  And then their funding was cut.  And then the memo was censored.

Back to the gun ownership bill.  Sorry...the The Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act....Thanks to MacLeans for writing the article about how ridiculous these names are so that I don't have to.  I just figured they had some kind of automated name generator filled with phrase like "Patriotism" and "Common Sense" and "Excellence".

Elilzabeth May suggests that everybody cooperate for the next election, defeat the Conservatives, implement (real) election reform and call it a day.  This makes total sense.  I'm sure nobody is listening to her.

We all know that Harpre is very pro-Israel.  Doesn't it kind of blemish this message when you use this message to drum up votes and support via online advertisements?  I mean...you should at least try to appear impartial on this right?  Like you're doing it for the right reasons?

And then you have Leona Aglukkaq speaking out against Greepeace.  Which...man...I mean as Minister of Environment you'd think that maybe that wouldn't be the thing to do?  No?  Oh, and...Stupid Global Warming Fearmongers.  COME BACK WITH SOME PROOF!!!  Job killers.

Man.  This war on crime is so awesome?  Did you see how much crime went down?  Stephen Harper is doing such a great job.  Or should I thank Vic Toews?  Oddly, because we didn't allow Vic to see everything that we do on the Internet, child sex crimes went up.  He was right!  Yes.  Sarcasm.

Doesn't it seem weird that the Lac Megantic locomotive is up for sale?

An interesting take on the Ukraine incident.  The Russian theory on the incident is impossible.  But why would they forward a theory which is more or less impossible?

Ya ya.  Mike Duffy is a terrible human being.  Attending personal funerals and charging it to the Senate.  And a love child!  And, surprisingly, Stephen Harper doesn't think he has any relevant information for the trial.

Rafe Mair has an interesting article on the historical divisions between Canadian provinces.

Ha ha ha ha!  Anti Obamacare ads convinced people they should sign up for it!  That's so awesome.  Wait...does that mean anti-Northern Gateway ads would convince people to hop on board with the project?

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