Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, July 7, 2014

A relatively short one - Week 166 - July 2-7

Is it "hoisted on your own petard" or "foisted on your own petard"?  Something else?  Anyhow, the US has justified killing the shit out of people with drones and insists that they have the legal right to do so.  And in doing so have made a legal argument for Omar Khadr not being a war criminal.

Peter MacKay and his band of merry yes men are probably facing a(nother) court challenge over their prostitution legislation.  After losing a court case over refugee healthcare.  And will probably be added to the giant pile of laws the Conservatives have passed that have been overturned by the courts - thanks to the CBC for saving us all the time of tracking them down.  I'm sure the argument will be something like "When yer busy doin' stuff you step on a few toes."

It's not looking very good for Dean Del Mastro.  Testimony has been made that it was his request to backdate all of those invoices.  It really makes you wonder where the hubris came from to get up on his soapbox for so long?

This sounds a bit like nothing more than fancy bookkeeping.  But it's more than that.  Kinder Morgan is allowed to charge a surcharge on its pipeline traffic in order to lobby the government for a larger pipeline.  Said charges are somehow tax deductible.  So Canadian taxpayers are essentially paying for Kinder Morgan to lobby and develop a bigger pipeline.

Conservatives:  Man...we sure are awesome!  Look at how many women we've appointed to senior positions! (they actually use the phrase "outstandingly well")
Reality:  Actually...you're doing worse than the Liberals before you.  16% worse. (Liberals - 36%, Conservatives - 30%, that's a 16% drop) 

Another anti-science decision by the Conservatives.  The DFO is going to allow up to triple the amount of Coho to be caught unintentionally to allow for a larger Sockeye catch.  There's no scientific evidence to back up their decisions.  Just "Coho stocks are getting better".  Scientists disagree.

A round of meetings on the TPP are taking place in Canada next week (well...this week, I guess).  And everything has been moved from Vancouver to Ottawa at the last minute.  And there's basically no information on what will be happening or where.  It's all a giant secret.  That will totally impact us for eternity.

This is kind of funny.  The 2010 Olympics are officially "in the black".  Meaning "we took enough money from the government to pay for everything.  and forget about all those security costs.  Those don't count."

Seems like a good program for Canada to get involved with...All of the F-35's have been grounded again.  Engine fires.

Oh fuck the hell off.  A doctor in Calgary is refusing to prescribe the pill.  Personal beliefs.  Doesn't your professional obligation as a doctor trump your personal beliefs?

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