Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, July 21, 2014

Duffman. Up on Charges. Oh Yeah! - Week 168 - July 14-21

Sorry for the Simpson's reference in the title.  Let's have a cheer for Mike Duffy.
31 charges is going to be a tough one to conquer.  How did Nigel Wright skate through this?

To me, this is a new low for taxpayer funded mailouts.  The Cons are actually using it to collect data on voters.  With patriotism!

Some soon-to-be jobless moron in the Finance Dept. initiated a focus group about Steve's policies.  Turns out Canadians don't really agree with what he is doing.  Probably bad data though, right Steve?  Speaking of bad data...The PBO has determined that current sick leave policies for civil servants don't really cost the government much, despite the Cons insistence that it does and it needs to be changed.

Steve finally won a court case!  And he'll probably lose this one (on native constitutional claims related to Northern Gateway).

Apparently somebody has proof (proof I tell ya!) that Steve plans on privatizing Canada Post.

Dean Del Mastro is really upset that somebody in the House of Commons keeps changing his Wikipedia page.  Which is kind of funny in the "taste of their own medicine" sort of way.  As the Conservatives are notorious for bad Wikipedia editing.

This article points out why using EI premiums to balance the budget is an unfair policy.  TLDR - rich people don't end up paying very much.

John Baird continues blaming everybody but Israel.  I mean, why wouldn't Hamas want to sign on to an agreement that all the other parties negotiated without them?  I'll admit that firing rockets at the exact time the agreement was supposed to start was a bit much...But I don't think the very public John Baird Yelling and unconditional support for Israel really helps anything.

The Tyee points out that we've done almost nothing with respect to Syrian refugees.

I had no idea that New Brunswick was such a strange little place.  Where you can't get an abortion, apparently.  And where one of the guys tasked with investigating the impacts of fracking holds a fracking specific patent...so he's totally unbiased in the outcome.

Boingboing highlights that Ontario police share all sorts of data about individuals with all sorts of people.  Employers.  Border Services.  Etc.  It doesn't help people sort things out and it doesn't necessarily even come about due to any sort of "guilt".  Similar things might be happening in BC.

The DFO seems to not have great control over BC clam fisheries, and is looking to expand them.

This article is a bit tough to follow, but it makes fun of Joe Oliver so it's all good.  It suggests that not providing information and then criticizing people for not having that information is bad form.

British spies are able to manipulate online polls, among other things.

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