Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, August 11, 2014

Dropping Off - Weeks 170/171 - July 28 - Aug 11

Sorry for the lack of posts.  I've been on vacation.  It's been tough to stay positive the last few weeks, hasn't it?

I'm going to start by talking about the tailings pond spill in Northern BC.  Just because it's a nice little reminder that bad things happen.  Can you believe the response from the BC Government was anything but "We're going to do everything possible to hold this company accountable to clean up this mess"?  It's especially troubling seeing as there were a number of red flags pointing to trouble in the past.  Is it a coincidence that the company was a heavy donor to the BC Libs?  And their maximum fine might only be $1 Million?  If that.

And then we have Israel.  Apparently unflinching support includes not getting too bent out of shape if a school is bombed.  Just figure out a way to blame the other guys.  "Well I wouldn't have to do all these terrible things if you'd just do exactly what I want you to."  Lucky for us, a Jewish group has flown 5 MP's to Israel...to visit Israeli soldiers in the hospital...and to better understand the "Jewish perspective"...and then they'll return home and enlighten us with their "facts".  No meetings are planned with the Palestinians.

Good news.  More government money to advertise the Oil Sands in the US.  Some info on the increased budget for "communications" as well.  But I guess we need them to run around like crazy sending sexist e-mails for Peter McKay, and then dealing with the repercussions.  And millions for public opinion surveys.

We've decided that fracking chemicals are not pollutants.

An interesting window into the CRA and their audits on charities.  They effectively admit that they look at political leanings and listen to gripes from cabinet ministers.

I kind of love it.  We talk about how tough our sanctions are on Russia...and then call them "short sighted" when Russia responds in kind..and belittle them as ineffective.

Steve lost another legal challenge.  The whole "Victim Surcharge" has been exposed as the sham that it is.

I will admit that transparency is a good thing.  But why is it always "transparency for others" with the Conservatives?  It's very hard to justify a chief taking away a million dollars on a land deal (worth 8 million...), but we have no context.  And no other side of the story.  Just Conservatives jumping up and down screaming about how correct they are.  As well, this is one of 600 bands that reported.  So...one bad apple (perhaps) used to shame everybody.

Garth points out that our entire economy seems to be based on building condos for one another (which we then rent out at a loss and call an investment), which is troubling.  And the jobs that we do create are not good ones.

Jason Kenney is really angry that Justin Trudeau visited a mosque a few years ago.  Is Jason Kenney the new Angry John Baird?

Marc Emery is vowing revenge on Stephen Harper.

It's been ruled that Mr. Big operations can still take place, but with more rules.  Hard to find what those rules are.

Even the Government can't even decide if Omar Khadr is a horrible terrorist.  But nobody is allowed to talk to him about it.

Somebody finally listened to Dean Del Mastro...An investigation into Wikipedia edits from Parliament computers is launched.

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