Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Evil Empire - Week 116 - July 15-22

I feel like the bastards are lulling us to sleep with all these scandals and screw-ups.  "They can't possibly win the next election."  I'm having a hard time keeping my interest level up.  Which is odd, seeing as there's some real Evil Empire type shit going on these days.  

"This cabinet shuffle is all about providing a fresh start for government.  Please provide a list of enemies and ne'er do wells on your way out the door."  Stephen Harper channels his inner Richard Nixon, and asks ministers to draw up lists of enemies before leaving.

Happily demoted Peter Kent sees the link as well, and comes out with a straight up comparison of Stephen Harper to Richard Nixon.

The Conservatives have been criticizing Trudeau for speaking to the Islamic Society of North America.  And have scrubbed any record of Jason Kenney doing the same thing a few years ago.

The PMO denies that it is hiding an e-mail on the Duffy/Wright affair.

There was another Sea King crash.  While this was an accident and perhaps shouldn't be used as an opportunity to heep scorn on the bungled procurement of new helicopters...well...it's kind of tough to ignore these helicopters coming to the forefront once again.  50 years old!  While we are not the only military that continues to use them (ours are much older though), it is absolute insanity that we have been working to replace these helicopters since 1983.  Blame Chretien.  Blame Harper.  Lots of blame to go around.

Not sure if this is true or not...but it sure is interesting!  Vice talks to an ex-Taliban fighter.

I don't get these clowns.  Sweeping government intervention into social issues (abortion, gay marriage, drugs)? "It's Gods will man!"  Any sort of regulation to forward public health or safety (gun control, fast food, smoking, global warming, etc., etc., etc.)? "Get yer hands off my freedom, Nazi!"

This is truly what is wrong with the World.  Honestly.  We're going nowhere like this.  Corporations are making massive, massive profits while paying employees a pittance.  CEO's are making massive, massive salaries at the expense of shareholders.  The "have nots" are vilified as takers.  The "haves" own the media companies and the politicians.  We're just all kinds of fucked.

A pretty great cartoon on how millenials get blamed for all of the problems caused by others.

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