Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An analysis of the new Cabinet (aka What is wrong with Canada)

Well...not a whole lot different than the old cabinet.  There are a lot of names that we've seen a lot of.  But in reading through this article, two things struck me:

1) James Moore seems to be a bit of a Jerry Gergich.

2) A lot of similar professions seem to pop up

So, have a look at this list, Canada.  I think I know why our country is broken.  We are a nation run by lawyers first and foremost (13 of 34 members of Cabinet are lawyers, by my count - 38%).  And then career politicians and  PR/Communications professionals.  The below list is Title - Name - Education - Previous Career.

Prime Minister - Stephen Harper - Bachelors and Masters in Economics - Political Staffer
Aboriginal Affairs - Bernard Valcourt - Lawyer - Career politician (Mulroney Minister, NB Provincial PC Leader)
Defence - Rob Nicholson - Lawyer - Career politician (Mulroney, municipal)
Justice - Peter MacKay - Lawyer
Health - Rona Ambrose - BA, MA Political Science - Journalist
Public Works - Diane Finley - BA, MBA - Businesswoman (founded publicly funded ambulance service company), Consultant
Foreign Affairs - John Baird - BA Political Science - "Consultant"
Treasury Board - Tony Clement - Lawyer
Finance - Jim Flaherty - Lawyer
Government Leader - Peter Van Loan - Lawyer
Employment - Jason Kenney - Philosophy? - Career politician
Agriculture - Gerry Ritz - Contractor, Farmer
International Development - Christian Paradis - Lawyer
Industry - James Moore - BA, MA Political Science - Broadcast Journalist
Queen's Privy Council, Infrastructure - Denis Lebel - Hotel Manager
Environment - Leona Aglukkaq - No degree? - Public Servant, Politician
Transport - Lisa Raitt - bachelor of Science, Master of Chemistry - Manager
Fisheries and Oceans - Gail Shea - No degree? - Career Politician?
Veterans Affairs - Julian Fantino - Police Officer
Public Safety - Steven Blaney - Engineer, MBA, Business Owner "Engineer/Businessman specializing in environmental technology"
International Trade - Ed Fast - Lawyer
Natural Resources - Joe Oliver - Lawyer, Investment Banker
National Revenue - Kerry-Lynne Findlay - Lawyer
Canadian Heritage - Shelly Glover - Police Officer
Citizenship and Immigration - Chris Alexander - BA, MA Political Science - Diplomat
Labour - Kellie Leitch - Surgeon
State (Small Business and Tourism) - Maxime Bernier - Lawyer
State (Foreign Affairs) - Lynne Yelich - Unknown Education - Farmer, Banker
State (Economic Development) - Gary Goodyear - Chiropractor
State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities) - Rob Moore - Lawyer
Whip - John Duncan - Forester - Career Politician
State (Multiculturalism) - Tim Uppal - Education? - Radio Producer, Mortgage Manager
State (Seniors) - Alice Wong - Education Phd - Education
State (Sport) - Bal Gosal - Bachelor of Science, Stationary Engineer - Insurance Broker
State (Democratic Reform) - Pierre Poilievere - No degree - Communications, PR
State (Finance) - Kevin Sorensen - No degree? - Farmer
State (Social Development) - Candice Bergen - Financial planner
State (Science and Technology) - Greg Rickford - Lawyer and nurse
State (Western Economic Diversification ) - Michelle Rempel - BA Economics - University Admin.

Worst of all, Harper seems to stuff the people with actual practical experience off in the boonies.  Chris Alexander, an experienced diplomat would seem like a suitable head of Foreign Affairs.  Nope - Citizenship.  Hey, we have a surgeon!  Put them in charge of labour.  What about the engineer with experience starting up environmental technology engineering firms?  Why, sounds like a great Public Safety Minister.

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  1. When this was written, I had no idea who Chris Alexander was. Now that I've heard him open his mouth...this guy was a diplomat?