Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mid Summer Blues - Week 117 - July 22-29

Colin Hansen was on CBC this morning talking about how safe pipelines are after this spill in the Kootenays.  Prepare for the giant Christy Clark flip-flop on Northern Gateway.

Did you see how low the crime rate is?  Lowest since 1972.  Man, these Conservative tough-on-crime bills are really having an affect!  What?  It was that low before any of them took effect?  Oh.  Regardless, congratulations Kelowna!  You're finally best at something!

The "transparent" Harper Government isn't sharing information with the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

Stephen Harper is bungling negotiations with our foreign diplomats.  Workers in 15 embassies have walked off the job.

Justin Trudeau has won the vote of 16-year-old boys everywhere, as he advocates for the legalization of marijuana.  Will it pull him out of his polling slide?

A Conservative MP (of course) wants to follow England's lead and install a national internet porn filter...deemed totally unworkable by most.

12% more Canadians have debt this year?  I thought things were getting better?

You heard about the insane Calgary columnist who wrote that Cory Monteith died as a result of Vancouver's harm reduction strategy?  I guess the one good thing is that it brought attention to the actual statistics since Insite has come into play: Fewer overdose deaths and fewer infections.

Somehow the Financial Post thinks that stores paying elevated fees for fancy credit cards is a win for consumers.  Because we all know those costs stop there and don't make their way into the price of the item.  Essentially all you poor bastards without a fancy credit card are subsidizing my air miles.  Thanks!

Stephen Harper sucks at Twitter.  I follow him...he really does.

The whistleblower who let us all know that Stephen Harper had instituted quotas for EI rejection numbers has been suspended.  I mean...we all love a good whistleblower until they let people know about the bad shit that we're doing.

Initial reports (very initial) suggest that the BC Carbon Tax might actually be working.  Who knew that insanely high gas prices would cause people to use less fuel?  Not me, actually.  I traded in my oh-so-fuel-efficient diesel Jetta for a Tacoma right around the time this thing hit.

The Premiers are not fans of Harper's job training plan.  There seems to be many reasons.

The charity that demanded repayment from Trudeau has kicked out the directors that leaked the demand.

The CBC can't seem to win.  People are pissed that they won't air an ad critical of the governments dealings with the CBC.  Can't they see their predicament?  Oh well.  They probably got more interest by the snub than if the ads had run in the first place.

Did you hear about this one?  A lady with a Candian father, who fought in WWII, is being denied citizenship.  The reasoning is positively horrendous.  She was born "out of wedlock" for one.

Mac Harb looks to be up on charges soon, no?

Read about the environmental viewpoints of the Republican Senators on the "Environment and Public Works Committee".  Hint - They're not very progressive.

Oklahoma Christian Scientists for Progress!  200 Evangelical Christian Scientists from Oklahoma are urging acceptance of the fact that climate change is a thing that needs to be dealt with.

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