Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, July 15, 2013

Get the Pitchforks - Week 115 - July 8-15

It's amazing what sort of shit Canadians get upset about.  Billions wasted on bungled military procurement?  Meh.  Using the government as your own PR firm/propaganda arm?  No biggie.  Selling Canada's soul for oil and gas?  Jobs, jobs, jobs!  A few hundred thousand dollars in improper expenses?  Lynch the bastards!  Canadians are really pissed about the Senate and are letting Stephen Harper know about it.  The irony is delicious.  It's like Ralph Nader getting killed driving a Corvair.  Or David Suzuki getting a speeding ticket in a Ferrari.  Or something.  Some detail on the RCMP case against Mike Duffy.

Update - Cabinet shuffle!  Lot of familiar names in there. End Update...

Oh man...Even Israel thought that Canada's cut to Palestinian aid was over the top.  And it was supposedly for Israel's benefit?  Not that we were doing much in Palestine in the first place.

Do these bozoes not read the news?  Are they totally unaware of what a conflict-of-interest is?  Another Tory MP (a parliamentary secretary to boot) is accused of improper lobbying on behalf of a constituent.  Since then she's been promoted.

The F-35 is turning out to be a bit of a piece of shit.  So much so that the American military keeps dumbing down its flight requirements.  In a few years we'll end up with a Cessna with a machine gone mounted to the wings.

In a story I am unable to read, the Montreal Gazette outlines a new Harper budget cutting technique...don't spend the money budgeted to various departments.  Kind of ingenious, really.  You could announce billions in new, budgeted spending while slashing budgets.

More specifically...Transport Canada is accused of doing just that.  Not spending their rail safety budget...etc.  Tough to say you're doing all you can for rail safety when you leave a chunk of your budget on the table.  Nearly half, in fact.

Oil shipments by rail have increased 28,000% since 2009.

Details on the de-regulation of Canada's railroads.

The Conservative obsession with past military accomplishments and royal ass-kissing have reached new heights.  We're changing our ranks back to the British style, as well as uniform designations.

Stephen Harper's deport-the-criminal-immigrants trap has caught a Canadian born man.  They might deport him to India even though he's never been there in his life.  Technicalities abound as he is the son of Indian diplomats.

I'm still trying to sort this one out.  David Suzuki suggested that we (Canada) are doing the world a disservice by only allowing the cream of their crop to immigrate into Canada.  And that we should do more to bring refugees into the country.  Jason Kenney freaked out.

I really don't know much about what is going on in Egypt.  But the response from the west does seem kind of odd.  I guess we don't like democracy in other countries if it gives us governments we don't like.  See Chavez.  See Egypt.

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