Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, July 30, 2012

Vic Toews is a Genius - Week 65 - July 23-30

The crime rate continues a drop which started in the early 90's.  It's now at the lowest rate it's been at since the 70's.  And Vic Toews is claiming credit because of the laws introduced a few months ago.  I can't wait until he claims he invented the Internet with his anti-snooping bill.

I'm not sure why.  But somehow, China buying up our resource companies doesn't make me feel very good.

In other economic news, the Conservatives are losing less money than they were last year.  Don't even read the comments on this story.  You'll never vote again.

Greenland just started melting all of a sudden.  But, it's okay because something similar happened one-hundred-and-fifty years ago so it is probably normal.

One of Stephen Harper's close ex-advisors has been charged with fraud (and perhaps influence peddling?).  People are jumping all over this, but you can't really hold people responsible for what their employees do after they leave your employ.

However...you can be held accountable when you accept donations from people actively currying your favour for a specific license.  Sadly, this is all probably legal, but a Conservative MP took donations from competing companies attempting to gain a license for a radio station of which said MP had some influence.

You know...it almost seemed like Christy Clark was going to do the right thing.  At first.  But then she just kind of turned it in to a big cash grab and pissed everybody off.

And then Enbridge tops things off with another pipeline leak in the USA.  And another (non Enbridge) leak in Alberta.  It's really hard to argue about your great intentions when your past keeps coming up, isn't it?

Overall, it sounds like the psychologist that interviewed Omar Khadr had relatively good things to say.  But, of course, the Globe latches on to the fact that he was called "manipulative" and feels that he is "suspicious, hostile and feels that he has been mistreated."  As one comment poster suggested, how can you feel anything but hostile and mistreated after you get locked up in Guantanamo for many years.

Luckily, Peter McKay's wife is on his side!  Oh wait.  No she isn't.  The evil media tricked her in to saying those things.  All she wanted to do was talk about her book!

A Canadian doctor has suggested that we can't possibly get rid of AIDS if we continue to criminalize drug use.  I can just see Stephen Harper and Obama jumping on board with this plan.

Oh ya.  All that lawsuit money that the record labels have taken from consumers on behalf of the artists that they represent?  Ya, none of it has gone to an artist.  Like, none of it.

Kramer is a racist.  George Costanza has well-written and reasoned arguments about gun control.  Elaine Benes is the Vice President.  Jerry just drives around in his car.

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