Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bye Bye Bev - Week 62 - July 2-6

Holy Crap!  Bev Oda is leaving politics.  Which begs any number of questions.  First and foremost, how does somebody like that get elected multiple times?  How do they get appointed to Cabinet and remain there?  And how can they justify quitting a little more than 1 year after getting elected?  But then again, I guess Bev Oda was never terribly concerned with appearances, propriety or saving taxpayers money.  I'm actually going to miss her.  She was a really nice argument against this government.  "Oh yah.  If you're so smart, tell me one thing that Stephen Harper has done that has been bad for Canada?"

Those stupid Enbridge assholes...They have the gall to complain about a 3.7 Million Dollar Fine by pointing out that they spent over $700 Million on the clean-up.  Ya.  Poor you.  You had to spend $700 Million kind of cleaning up a giant shitstorm of awful that you created through sloppiness, error and poor judgement.  How does this not automatically disqualify them from building a pipeline across British Columbia?

Oh man.  Jean Charest.  Don't follow the lead of Stephen Harper.  Asbestos is not the future of Canada.  How are there two jackasses in such positions of power in one country?

Dean Del Mastro.  First, he complains that the election fraud allegations are "hurting the family name".  Okay.  Not first.  Maybe only.  Anyhow.  The opposition seems like they're willing to give him his chance to clear his name.  And he's meeting with Elections Canada.

Hey immigrants!  Welcome to Canada!  Now fuck off!  No.  Wait.  After considering how terrible this looked a few weeks ago, a few of you can have some healthcare.  But the rest of you can fuck off.  You didn't think you were going to be equals or citizens or anything like that, did you?

This National Post article suggests that NDP support is "slipping".  As one commenter points out, they're quoting surveys done by two different companies, they haven't published what questions were asked and this is easily in the realm of statistical error.  So.  Great story!

Gotta love the even playing field we're on with Hollywood and the record industry.  Remember the Megaupload takedown?  The case is completely falling apart...probably because the raid was conducted at the request of Joe Biden.

Stephen Harper hosted a BBQ at the Stampede.  He talked a lot about how Canada is going to continue with economic dominance.  Who cares about that though.  I'm more interested in Tony Clement, Jason Kenney, Peter McKay and Vic Toews wearing "western duds".  Because I bet they're all kind of authentic.

And, speaking of all those guys...Steve-O has his team and he's sticking with it.  No cabinet shake-up for at least another year.

Here's a few links to end the week.  The Economist suggests Stephen Harper is a bullyHere is a guest editorial in the Globe about how badly the Conservatives are screwing up Fisheries.   I have to stop linking to these polls!  Canadians come out in support of abortion and gay marriage.

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