Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, July 2, 2012

Separating from Reality - Week 61 - June 25-July 2

Remember when Stephen Harper suggested that the NDP and Liberals were evil and going to destroy the country when they suggested they might work with the Bloc Quebecois to unseat his minority government?  Well, now he's suggesting that he's going to work with the Parti Quebecois if they are voted in to power.  And I can hear his excuses:
1)  No, no.  That was the last government that said that stuff.  This is a different government.
2) Aaaaand...this is the Parti Quebecois we're talking about.  Not the Bloc.  Big difference.
And I'm in no way suggesting that this isn't what he should be saying.  I'm just pointing out that when you make ridiculous, hyperbolic statements you should be prepared to eat a lot of ass when you turn around and do a similar thing as to what you criticized.

Hey.  Enbridge can't handle their American pipelines either.  They tend to leak and they can't seem to respond in time.

One of the environmental groups that Stephen Harper is targeting have opened their books.  Good strategy.  Completely flummox Stephen Harper by using a tactic he's never even dreamed of: open sharing of information.

Oh.  Hey.  All those Robo-Calls.  Ya, the Conservatives are trying to make sure the election results aren't called in to question based on a technicality.  How does that make you feel?

And they've launched their latest (predictable) attack ads as well.  On Mulcair.  I actually watch those ads and it makes me think "Shit...that guy has some points".  "Make them pay now for what they are doing."  You know what...that makes sense.  You mean they aren't doing that now?  Holy cow.  Let's elect this guy.

Digging back to the same incident, Michelle Jean (well....her advisor) is now speaking out about her part in the whole prorogue fiasco.  Turns out she didn't think it was a great idea but couldn't do much about it.  The second part is obvious, but it's interesting to hear that she actually thought about not doing it.

Who do all these former ministers think they are, speaking out against cuts?  What do they think, that just because they ran an organization for a long period of time they know something about how it runs and what it takes to keep it going?  Balderdash.  Parks Canada this time.  More on the Freshwater Research Facility as well.

More on Copyright.  Not sure if I linked last week about the Cracker frontman speaking out about people "stealing" his music.  Honestly, it was a newish point of view for me and it made me think.  But, now, a whole pile of industry folk are speaking out against that opinion.  Pointing things out like:
- Major labels taught us how to steal from musicians in the first place (Steve Albini)
- More musicians are actually making a living these days (Jeff Price)
- The labels are just as to blame for this fiasco as anybody else (Ethan Kaplan

I'm not an overly political human being.  In that I don't really like or know how to play politics.  But, I do know that when presented with your questionable attendance record in the Senate, you probably shouldn't suggest that the journalist pointing it out is a bitchAnd then apologize a few hours later.  It should be apparent that this will end badly for you.

I think that when a poll is written about they should actually reference the poll question.  "Majority supports mixed health care model."  Well...what did you ask them?  I would imagine that if I went around and asked a bunch of people something like "Do you want to enjoy government provided health care yet still have the option to pay for medical treatment as well?" most people would say yes.

Meh.  Globe and Mail.  Obama hates Canada.  Wah.

I was thinking the other day about why there are so many wealthy Chinese buying things in Canada.  Where does the money come from?  Well, This might explain it?  Sounds kind of awful.

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