Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Statistics - Week 66 - July 30-Aug 6

We'll start with two great bits of data.  First, this fantastic graph:

I love that the Olympics opening ceremony put public health care front and center.  It led me to this story on the Guardian.  It's very interesting.  Key points for me:
- The US spends far and away the most money on health care as a % of GDP (17.9%)...this works out to $8362 per person.  Of that money, almost half comes directly out of pocket of the individual - $4437.
- Canada spends about 11.3% of GDP on healthcare.  This works out to a total of $4404 per person and $3104 of that comes from the government.  So, our health care costs about half of what it does per person as it does in the US.  And we directly pay about 1/4 directly out of pocket as compared to the average American.
- Canada lines up quite nicely in % of GDP spending with most European nations...a bit more than Italy/Spain/UK, a bit less than France/Germany.  We all seem to be in the 9-11% of GDP range, and $3-4000 per person range
So.  What the hell?  Either the US is getting far better health coverage (I doubt it) or there's an incredible amount of waste.  And you look at the huuuuuuge disparity in what sort of coverage people have and you can only imagine what the bottom end of their spectrum looks like.
This stupid-assed headlined Globe and Mail article claims that "BC can be swayed on pipeline".  Lets see... one poll claims 35 percent agree with Adrian Dix's outright disapproval of the pipeline.  Another poll claims that 65 percent are outright opposed.  But the first poll also suggests that 43 percent agree with Christie Clark's strings-attached disapproval of the pipeline.  So, ya, really sounds like we're on the fence here and just need a little nudge in the right direction!  What a bunch of jackasses.
Speaking of pipelines, way to go David Anderson.  I think he summed up many people's feelings on Enbridge: "They should just go away."  Awesome stuff.  I'm certain Peter Kent will not be this interesting when he retires.
 Hundreds of women have come forward with complaints of sexual harassment within the RCMP.  Man.  This is going to take FOREVER for the various governments and RCMP brass to come up with justification based on them all being sluts and alcoholics.

Stephen Harper, master of the Canadian economy.  Wasn't that his election promise?  What happened then?

Another Globe article claims that the Provinces need to stand together on bulk drug purchases.  Hmmm...lets see...a national strategy to reduce prescription drug prices....who could possibly oversee a program with National implications?

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