Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trolling the Comment Pages #4 - Reform MP's

This is the problem.  I can't really post comments at work so by the time I get around to it, things are already way out of control.  As Bob Mills stated that Conservative Environmental views were out of whack, this story started out sensibly but got progressively crazier.  Global warming is a liberal conspiracy, didn't you know?  And Bob Mills is making money off of his position on this panel so you can't believe what he has to say.

Can you believe the lengths that these lefty-Communists will stoop?  Take this Bob Mills guy.  He pretended to be a Reform MP for 15 Years just so he could wait until 2012 to embarrass our Supreme Leader with this treasonous announcement.  Those devious lefties can't be trusted and will go to any lengths to obtain power.

Just look at his website.

Recycling.  Car Sharing.  Government Environmental Protection.  Stupid hippie.  He needs to get a job.

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