Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Crazy Week - Week 57 - May 28 - June 4

 Doesn't this look like a guy who takes the opinions and ideas of other people seriously?

What a crazy week for Canada.  Honestly.  A male porn actor murders a man and ships his body parts to several political partiesAnd he somehow escapes to France?  How does that happen?

This made my week.  The Globe and Mail celebrity editor/caption maker/guy inserted some political commentary into this weeks celebrity photos.

Thomas Mulcair seems to be bowing to the pressure.  I'm not sure how a tour of the Oil Sands could so drastically and instantly change your talking points.  Perhaps there were 4 burly men with pipes following him around on the tour?

Oh, and apparently the fact that Thomas Mulcair has a whole bunch of mortgages means that he can't run the country.  Honestly.  How does this matter?  It's not like he's a million dollars in debt.  It's a series of mortgages that add up to $300,000.  I think the fact that he qualified for 11 mortgages actually suggests that he has a pretty good credit rating.

This is why Copyright reform angers people.  Honestly.  You're going to charge people for playing music at their weddings?  And what I love, it costs you $9.25 if your wedding is less than 100 people.  It costs you $39.  It costs you double that if you allow people to dance.  And then, if you hold an event with 100,000 people, it only costs you $42.  No word on whether or not that doubles if some people get out of hand and decide to dance.   In other Copyright news...well...see my other post.

The Conservative jackasses once again tried to shift the focus from themselves on to others.  They pointed out that the NDP hired 1 or 2 failed candidates.  Compared to the 30+ Conservatives.

Sometimes at work, when I get behind, I decide that I'm just not going to do any of the work that was assigned to me more than a few weeks beforehand.  It seems like the Conservatives think this is a pretty good idea, and to clear the backlog of immigration applications, they're going to ignore all applications made before 2008.  Essentially punishing persistence and forward planning.

There was also some talk this week on the census results and what that means to Canada.  How the distribution of different age groups will have serious impacts on the Provinces.  You know, really interesting and important information that will help plan into the future.  Thank God Stephen Harper is doing something to get rid of this!

How do you defend shutting down a probe in to your own wrong-doing?  Wait.  Lets back up.  How come the Conservatives have the ability to shut down a probe into their own wrong-doing?   Even the National Post seemed to question this.

Our good buddy Vic Toews is back in the news.  I'm not even sure what he is saying here, but he is talking about RCMP inquiries.  Which caused me to do some research.  I had no idea that he impregnated the babysitter (allegedly) which lead to his divorce (allegedly).  How does this guy get voted in and then elevated to the level of Minister?  What kind of stuff is in the closets of the other guys?  And then he tops it all off by suggesting that if he had his magic internet spying bill would help find the Porn Actor Dismemberment Killer.  Way to use a tragedy for political gain.

I will admit that it is unsettling that the UN is doing anything with Robert Mugabe.  But the fact that John Baird is just totally making things up about his reason for pulling Canada out of specific UN organizations is just as unsettling.  He said that Robert Mugabe was named a "UN Ambassador".  He wasn't.  It doesn't seem that hard to not make things up.  And I will agree that there are problems with the UN.  But that doesn't mean we should ignore everything that every UN organization has to say.  Like when we point out that we've sent people off to be tortured.

Peter Kent never seemed like the sharpest knife in the drawer.  It's pretty amazing that he has become the Conservative climate change expert and actually seems to suggest that there might be something going on.  Well done, Peter Kent.  Well done.

Exxon defeated the Canadian Government in a NAFTA challenge.  Apparently we wanted too much environmental testing from them.  Which is totally unfair.

Some guy bought CBC Vancouver's record collection.  Yes, this seems worth the cost savings.

Meh.  Robocalls...proposed regulation...whatever.  Who can even keep track any more?

We talked about this last week but it is a done deal.  Stephen Harper sends CP Rail back to work.

Isn't it sad that the only thing politicians seem to be able to agree on is that it's too hard to buy Canadian wine?  And then they screw it up by jumping all over themselves trying to attach themselves to the feelgoodness of the story?

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