Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, June 11, 2012

Election Violation Beatdown - Week 58 - June 4-11

Too easy.  The Conservatives decide not to celebrate the birthday of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Hey!  Assholes!  Your pipeline is leaking into your river.  Spin this, Enbridge.

Vic Toews.  Man.  Vic Toews.  So, he gets absolutely beat down when he suggests a Canadian Internet surveillance bill.  So, what does he do?  He creates another piece of legislation and decides to allow the American Government to have unfettered access to Canadians information without a warrant.  What a guy.

So...after months of the robo-call scandal and after an election result is cast aside due to improprieties, how do the Conservatives respond?  With sketchy robo-calls that stretch the truth.

The "steady hand" of Stephen Harper is looking a bit shaky.  Jobs numbers have come way down.  And buried in the article is a note about a huge jump in the number of self-employed people.  Which kind of suggests something to me.

Remember those ads that used to come on every once in a while, about how proud we were about our UN peacekeeping participation?  Well, we now have 42 active peacekeepers (the UN says 33, but you can't trust those guys).

Stephen Harper has taken all of this "too big to fail" stuff to heart.  He'll probably still help out some banks and mega-corporations if they get in trouble, but he doesn't feel Europe is something that deserves attention or any of our money.

Wow.  This is really great.  Stephen Harper is announcing larger fines for tainted food producers.  Of course...there won't be any inspectors to catch anybody so we'll have to wait until people actually die.

Bob Mills, an ex-Conservative MP, is speaking out on some of the Conservative's environmental ideas.  But he can't be trusted because he's a part of the liberal global warming conspiracy.

I think we've found another reason why Stephen Harper hates the Census.  It proves that Conservative voters are old people.

Elections Canada is laying the boots to not just the Conservatives, as the NDP is forced to pay back some money to unions that paid for some events.  And I'm sure this will be used as justification for Dean Del Mastro overspending on his campaign.

This is why all of this Copyright stuff is BS.  This is why you can't trust the Hollywood and Recording Industry groups that are pleading poverty.  This is why it's ridiculous that the US calls Canada a "haven for piracy" at the behest of industry organizations.  Canadians buy tonnes and tonnes of online songs.  Third in the world.  And that's not per capita, that's real numbers.

Turns out the Canadian 1% isn't even all that rich.

Remember the guy that was "high on bath salts" that chewed the other guys face off?  This story suggests that might not actually have been true.  I have no idea if this is real though.  Good thing the Conservatives are on the case though and are going to get bath salts banned.

Remember the shitstorm that happened when that BC Conservative MP suggested that the budget was flawed?  Yet somehow a backbencher was able to introduce anti-abortion legislation to Parliament and Stephen Harper is "putting heavy pressure on members of the Conservative Caucus to vote it down"?  How did it get to this point if he's so against it?  He usually hauls guys that he doesn't agree with out behind a dumpster and kneecaps them.

This just sounds like a chance to pile on Peter McKay.  I'm not sure it's that big a deal.  But, they did spend $47,000 on AV equipment for their Fighter Jet press conference.  That's to rent AV equipment.  I'm pretty sure if you gave me $47,000 I could buy all of the equipment necessary to run a press conference.  So maybe it is fair to pile on Peter McKay for this.

A bunch of websites went dark in a protest against environmental regulation changes.  And a bunch of idiots went crazy making stupid comments about it on the Internet.

Here's a petition to stop the destruction of the National Archives.  I guess it's hard to re-write history with all of those troublesome documents and records hanging around.

The NDP is going to bring the filibuster to Canada, and is planning on holding up the budget bill.

Stay away from news article comment sections.  People out there are crazy.  Just look at this article about an EU "adviser" commenting on Canada's energy plan.  Crazy.

And then look at this story about the Fish Lake mine.  Apparently anybody who thinks we should look in to things a bit before we create a mine on top of a lake is a jobless hippie.

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