Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, February 27, 2012

Don't Mess with the Internet - Week 43 - Feb 20-27

This week, we'll start with a nice photo of Steve-O.

Can't you just see Vic Toews...sitting in his office, shaking his head, shaking a little bit.  "With us....against us...I thought....".  And then Anonymous is threatening him and everybody knows that he cheated on his wife.  Who knew politics was so hard?  Life in a dictatorsh...majority.  Hey, the police think it's a good idea!  Must be okay.  Never announce support for an Internet spying bill a week after a dozen of your officers are caught viewing porn.

The Bob Dechert affair...either CSIS is so on the ball that they knew about it and it became their own little CSIS joke.  Or, they're clueless.  Oh boy, watch my counter go up with "CSIS" and "clueless" so close to one another!

Have you ever seen a map of pipeline locations across North America?  They're really everywhere.  Short of an earthquake, other natural disaster or some crazy dude attempting to blow them up, they're probably fairly safe.  My two biggest problems with these latest pipeline proposals are:

A) After raping our own land for tar sands, we're going to ship an unfinished product somewhere else to be turned into a high value good.
B) We're going to turn our coast into a supertanker superhighway.

More on dirty tricks from Steve-O and his buddies in the last election.  And more on the robo-calls.

Tough on crime gained one supporter (some Quebec Justice Minster) and one detractor (an American who says he helped write America's mandatory sentencing laws.  The Quebec Justice Minister suggests that criminals should have to liquidate their assets to pay for their own incarceration.  The American says "I played a major role in writing the mandatory minimum drug sentencing laws which later turned out to not only be ineffective in reducing drug use, but which directly contributed to the disastrous over incarceration problem in this country".  Hmmm....who should we listen to?  Stupid "experts", muddying the waters again with their informed opinions and "facts".

As I was saying last week...The oil sands are now justified.  Because one science person said so.

This is about Americaland, but it's a pretty good simplification about what is going on in the world right now.  It touches on the hands off approach to the economic recovery in Europe vs. Government intervention in North America.

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