Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, February 13, 2012

Under the Rug - Week 41 - Feb 6-13

Is Canada going to SOPA up?  Well, they shut down debate on the issue.  But it doesn't matter because there has been "widespread consultation".  Widespread consultation that suggests the bill is flawed and will therefore be ignored (the consultation, that is), but consultation nonetheless.

Way to go Canada!  Winning the war on terror!  This Quebec Muslim man was arrested for sending a text to his workmates that they should "blow away" the competition at an upcoming trade show.  Not surprisingly, reddit has already created this meme.

There's a new strategy for getting pipelines approved - call opponents terrorists!  Money quote “I find it offensive that there is a list that puts people trying to protect the environment on the same list as white supremacists”.

In Canada, we don't torture people.  Unless it's really necessary.

Some Quebec MP's have decided not to accept their Queen's Jubilee medals.  I think the story should be about why the other 302 are given one in the first place.

In Canada, we don't torture people.  Unless it's really necessary.

No more talking about the long gun registry.  What do you guys think Parliament is for, anyhow?  This isn't even the first shutdown of debate THIS WEEK!  See ite  m 1.

Alberta starts laying the groundwork for succession as the 1% Province.  They're just so fabulously wealthy they want assurances that other Provinces aren't wasting their charity.  How nice of them!

And Stephen Harper spends some time in China.  Basically promising them everything that they want.  Don't worry though.  He used the phrase "human rights" in a speech.  Showing them who the boss is.

Harper's office racks up travel costs.  Some of them paying $6,000+ for flights to London.  There's also some $10-15,000 multi-leg airfares.  Somebody should tell them that there are websites for this sort of thing.

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