Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Left Below - Week 3 - May 17-24

This is the headline of the year. "Believers confused as Judgement Day doesn't come." I can actually see a whole bunch of Stephen Harper's cabinet getting together late Saturday evening, speculating on where it all went wrong and trying to decide on what the new plan is.

On to Senate appointments. I never thought that I would envy the US democratic system. However, here we are. The US has it's crazy system with a Senate, House of Representatives and President (let me just check Wikipedia to make sure I have that right...yep...). They require a hyper-majority to get anything done, they give way too much power to lightly populated states and the President can more-or-less veto anything at any point and time. But look at us. One Parliament. An appointed Senate. Our national leader selected with 24% of the vote. It's practically a dictatorship.

So, I'm almost on board with Stephen Harper's ideas for Senate reform. Why not have a secondary branch of government as a check and/or balance to Parliament? It makes sense. And that makes the appointment of recently defeated candidates to the Senate all the more baffling. Is it an elaborate ploy to enlighten us on the perils of the current system? Or a giant middle finger to those who might question his power? Lucky for us, they aren't actually responsible for doing anything.

As well, the cabinet was named this week. I don't have anything to say about this, other than I hope that John Baird is more civil in his dealings with other countries than he is in his dealings with other political parties.

Oh boy, does this ever sound ominous. Tony Clement promises deep cuts in government programs. Funny, I don't remember them campaigning on that.

And speaking of things not campaigned on, the Globe and Mail talks about the "Solid Americas Strategy" but doesn't really explain what it is. It does, however, point out that "the missing substance to the plans has been a liability."

And finally, some scathing commentary on Canadian foreign policy, specifically relating to John Stewart and Asbestos mining.

Lastly...in AmericaLand. How awesome would an Obama "Made in the USA" T-shirt be? I don't think we're allowed to donate as Canadians. I need to figure out how to get one of those shirts.

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