Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting Busy - Week 2 - May 10-16

The Conservatives bring the heat in their second week.

First up, I think the headline "Tories Back off Campaign Pledge..." is a bit sensationalist, but I'm all for the piling on. I think a more appropriate headline would have been "Tories Don't Understand Basic Math or Economics" or "Tories Confuse Many, Selves with New Budget Statements". Regardless, is it still considered to be a campaign promise when nobody believed you in the first place?

Next, Harper proves himself to be "all style, no substance" with his harsh words about the Arctic. By "style" I mean "superfluous" or "non-functional", not, you know, stylish. Nobody would ever suggest that Stephen Harper had style. Perhaps "all bluster, no substance" would have been more appropriate.

This is carryover from the last Parliament, but the court case over supervised injection sites is finally upon us. This is a surprisingly progressive take from the Globe and Mail and I especially love the line describing it as a "bare-knuckle brawl between political ideology and evidence-based research". I mean, why let a few "facts" get in the way of some good, old-fashioned law-making?

And lastly....Junkets. Why do these stories always come out just after an election? It is kind of sad that US politicians get bought off for hundreds of thousands of dollars and all a Canadian can hope for is a trip to Disney World. And it's funny that Liberals actually went on the most trips. How is that possible? Shouldn't step #1 in junketing be "find a person in a position of influence"?

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