Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Weekly Highlights from our Conservative Overlords

Monday, June 22, 2015

Your religion is different than mine - Week 217 - June 15-22

I believe firmly in Tim Uppal's right to wear his turban wherever he pleases.  I admire the hypocrisy of him asking Muslim women to remove their niqab's.  I'm saddened by the Harper government trotting Tim Uppal out to sell this for them.

Stephen Harper is a master.  He can cut bait with the best of them.  But how long before one of his terrible appointments brings him down?  Don Meredith shows that he's not just a spender of taxpayer money, he's also a horrible human being.

Steve is going hard on Russia.  Vladimir doesn't seem to care all that much.  It's sad when you get called out as an American puppet.

James Moore joins the growing list of Conservative MP's not running in the next election.

I bet these same assholes are all on board with the pope when he speaks out against abortion.  Climate change though?  Too political!

A pretty great Tom the Dancing Bug on the TPP.

All those Stephen Harper court case losses?  They're adding up.  Almost $7 million spent defending unconstitutional laws.

Our top military man shows again that they just don't get it.  Sexual assaults are a result of biological wiring.  There's not anything they can do about it.  Even the Cons can't defend this.

Rachel Notley is awesome.  She gets the shipping unprocessed bitumen to Texas via the Keystone pipeline sells the province short.  Which is logical and amazing.  Some try to explain that the US won't buy our refined products.  But if that's all that is available to them, I'm not so sure.

People seem really freaked out about the cost of the Senate audit.  The Auditor General breaks it down, somewhat, here.

More details on driverless trucks on the Oil Patch.  Normally, I can understand automated technology.  But this is different.  This is a natural resource that belongs to the people.  This is a company being allowed to do what it does based on the promise of jobs.  Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs is all we are ever told as justification for this stuff.  We are allowed to challenge this automation.

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